Team Liquid and ZETA Division maintain their position in the Valorant Champions

Between Friday and Sunday, the Valorant Champions put on a real show. DRX and OpTic Gaming join Leviatan for the playoffs. Of all the matches played over the three days, two were decisive: BOOM Esports faced ZETA Division and Team Liquid faced EDward Gaming.

Laz, ZETA Division, was monstrous

The first match of the day on Sunday ended in a victory for the Japanese ZETA, although not without difficulty. On HavenBOOM Esports emerged victorious 13-11before falling to the enemy's bullets, 11-13, on Pearl. The most notable part of this confrontation remains the one on Fracture. ZETA's domination was unquestionable. The roster won 13-2. We salute the performance of Lazwho finished this match with a KDA of 65/35/10and who made a fabulous ace. This defeat marked the end of the adventure for BOOM Esports, while it gives ZETA an extra chance to reach the playoffs.

End of the adventure for EDward Gaming

The second match of the day saw Team Liquid win, 2-0 against EDward Gaming, the challenger from China. If ScreaM and his team dominated Bind, 13-5However, the EDG players did not lose out. It should even be noted that ZmjjKK He got an ace in the seventh set, the only one of the game. On BreezeTeam Liquid had a harder time winning and even went into overtime. Finally, the roster won 14-12, eliminating the Chinese in the process.

Team Liquid, like ZETA Division, has another chance to reach the playoffs of the Valorant Champions. To do so, both rosters will have to prove their worth by winning their next match. These new decisive matches will take place on Wednesday 7 September. Team Liquid to face Paper Rex from 16:00 CEST, then LOUD and ZETA will enter the track from 7pm CEST.

To follow the various upcoming meetings, go to the Official stream (EN) or the Official stream (FR). You can also enjoy the watch party organised by our Captain, on his Twitch channel.

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