Team Liquid and NAVI win - LCQ EMEA

During the second day of the EMEA CQL Team Liquid and Natus Vincere were successful. The two rosters will soon face each other to determine which one will go to the final of the upper bracket. The other semi-final will be between OG LDN UTD and M3 Champions, who have also qualified for the next stage, on the first day.

BBL Esports dominated by Team Liquid

The first match of the day was between BBL Esports and Team Liquid, two teams that have only played each other once before. In that last match, BBL Turks lost 2-0, in a rather close battle. So it was time for a rematch! But not everything went according to plan...

To put the chances on their side, the BBL have chosen Ascent as the first playing field. Nevertheless, it was Team Liquid who took advantage of the early part of the game to take a lead. BBL quickly came back with two more wins, after the ace of QutionerX. Team Liquid regained the lead in two rounds, before BBL Esports moved back in front at the changeover. The two round lead was not enough for BBL to win. Their opponents proved to be formidable in Attack, and only conceded four more rounds. Final score: 13-11.

With 61% of victories over Icebox, against 50%, Team Liquid started with a slight advantage according to the statistics. The roster did not belie the data. While it took almost an hour to decide between the two teams on Ascent, Team Liquid folded that second map in less than 30 minutes. No ace, no 4K, but, carried by the new player Dimasick, the team achieved a near flawless performance in the Attack phase. Opposing defensive efforts were in vain, and only worked once. Final scor : 13-1.

With this victory, Team Liquid has secured a place in the semi-final of the top bracket, where they will face Natus Vincere. BBL Esports, on the other hand, will have to do everything in their power to defeat Guild Esports, otherwise they will be eliminated from the LCQ.

An extremely close match

The first round of the top bracket ended with the match between Natus Vincere and Guild Esports. Both organisations secured their place in the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA by finishing fourth and ninth of the ranking according to the VCT points.

This confrontation started on Haven. According to the statistics, one could expect Guild Esports to dominate, with 35 wins in 48 games played on this map, compared to only 9 in 17 games for NaVi. But statistics are not everything! Natus Vincere proved to be particularly strong in Defense, and quickly took the lead. At the end of round 6, the roster leads 5 to 1. In the next round, Cloud manages to get a 4K in, but NaVi faced a monstrous Leo. In a 1v5 situation, the Guild player didn't give up and held the whole team in check.

Guild Esports took advantage of this crazy action to calm down the opposition for an extra round, but still trailed 8-4 at the changeover. The deficit didn't last long, as the roster managed to take the next four rounds. By the end of round 21, Guild even took the lead in this match, leading 11-10. NaVi quickly put a stop to the opposition's hopes and won 13-11This is a good thing, because it means that the statistics are silenced at the same time.

For the rest of the game, Guild Esports has selected the Split. This choice was beneficial to them, as they quickly managed to dominate 6-1. Duno and 7ssk7 managed to take down two enemies each in the next round, giving their team a second point. This victory broke the opponent's Momentum: NaVi won over four more rounds. At the changeover, the two teams were therefore tied. On the Attack, NaVi continue their momentum and take the pistol-round, then Cloud took care of the next round, with a superb ace.

Guild ended Natus Vincere's dominance in round 15 and regained the lead at the end of the next round. The pressure began to build when NaVi tied the score in round 20. Both teams were now within 2 points of victory, and in the end it was Guild who emerged victorious from this second map. Final score: 13-11.

The match was decided on a third and final map, namely Icebox. In the first phase, Natus Vincere largely dominated, winning eight of the twelve sets played in Defence. The Guild recovered after the changeover and managed to equalise. NaVi came back with a point. Leo made a very nice 4K in the next set. The match was close, with the scoreboard reading 9-9. Everything was still possible for both teams. Unfortunately for the Guild Esports players, NaVi put an end to their hopes of victory with four rounds. Final score: 13-9.

As previously mentioned, Guild Esport is in a critical situation and will face BBL Esports in an elimination match, while Natus Vincere will remain in the top bracket. The structure will face Team Liquid on Wednesday 10th August.

To follow the next CQL EMEA meetings, go to VALORANT's Twitch channel. G2 Esports will take on Acend at around 4pm CEST. Guild and BBL Esports will then take to the stage at around 7pm CEST.

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