Team Heretics crushes Karmine Corp at KICKOFF EMEA

The tournament KICKOFF EMEA is in full swing. Last night, Team Heretics made short work of Karmine Corpto secure the first slot in the play-offs. The way by Keiko and nAts a few days ago, Boo and MiniBoo sparkled to give their team victory. Here's a quick recap of the match.

At the end of the off-season, last December, Team Heretics organised the HereticsXPwhich was a showmatch against Karmine Corp. Kameto's team performed extremely well and came out on top. 13-7humiliating his host at home in the process.

That encounter was probably still fresh in the minds of Boo and co when they kicked off the Kickoff match against KCORP. There are no other words to describe the clash: MiniBoo, Boo, paTTiTek, RieNs and benjyfishy simply crushed their opponents. They won Split 13-4 and then Lotus by the same scoreline. Our hats are off to the two Lukaševičius brothers, Boo and MiniBoowho made a major contribution to this victory.

On Split, MiniBoo was as effective in defence as he was in attack. With his well-placed balls, he won his duels and went on to score doubles and hat-tricks. While he did indeed help his team to succeed, Team Heretics was also successful because the whole team played intelligently. We see defenders hungry for information, taking up space and advancing in pairs to take down enemies. When the Karmine manage to plant the Spike, they're disciplined and precise - and that's what we've seen. benjyfishy made several crucial kills - so all the opposition's efforts were in vain.

Once on Lotus, the KC players seemed to start off on a better footing. They paid more attention and it worked, because at the end of heat 5, Team Heretics leads by three points. . nevertheless, it was without counting on the awakening of Booa real game changer in this match. Between the eighth and twelfth rounds, he racked up no fewer than three double kills and two hat-tricks. On top of that, MAGNUM fails to win his duels. At the end of the attack side, the KC player shows a negative KDA, with 0 kills for 10 deaths.

After the change, Team Heretics achieves a perfect attackThey went on to score another five points to win 13-4. During this short period of play, it was Riens who made the difference. One after another, he pulled off a beautiful quadra and survived a complex 1v2 situation. At the end of this side, he had a rating above 2.2 and an ACS of around 500.

Despite the defeat, Karmine Corp is not yet out of the KICKOFF. The Blue Wall team will take on FUT Esportson 25 February, in a decisive match. Team Heretics, meanwhile, has secured its place in the play-offs. Tonight, you can watch Fnatic's first meetingwho takes on Team Vitality. A host of on the HyP stream!