Team Heretics crushes Dragon Ranger Gaming at Shanghai Masters

Alongside FUT Esports and Fnatic, Team Heretics is one of of the three teams representing the EMEA League at the Masters Shanghai. While FUT Esports lost its opening match, Wo0t and his comrades, defeated their first opponents without any difficulty. Dragon Ranger Gaming now have no room for error, as the Chinese team will have to overcome the FUTs to stay in the tournament.

Maps and match results

Team Heretics 2-0 Dragon Ranger Gaming

Maps of the Team Heretics vs DRG match - Masters Shanghai

TH 13-5 DRG

TH 13-5 DRG

not played

Two teams, two levels...

For several weeks now, Wo0t has joined the active Team Heretics rosterreplacing paTiTek. Don't be surprised to see that paTiTek is still part of the team, as there's a reason for this: he was simply called back to take MiniBoo's place, who is on a break for health reasons.

In just a few months, Team Heretics has become one of the top teams in the EMEA regionIn fact, they are now one of the most successful teams in all the leagues. When they started the Shanghai Masters today, the Heretics already had a good deal of experience of top-level competition, having qualified at the Madrid Masters.

On the other handhis opponent on the day, Dragon Ranger Gamingwas making its debut in an international Valorant LAN. While they are undeniably a good team - they won their slot in the Chinese League by winning the Ascension tournament last year - they are still a little inferior and this was felt during the match.

Source : VLR.GG

On Icebox, in both attack and defence, Team Heretics showed much better control of the terrain than the DRGs, and more generally, a better level of play, right from the very first round. She only had to to win 13-5. Nevertheless, Nic and vo0kashu's efforts throughout the game are to be commended.

Source : VLR.GG

On Sunsetthe story is a little different. It has to be said that between Nizhao's cluch, the well-crafted pushes and Nicc, the defence of DRGs was rather solid and the Heretics found it harder to impose their game. In fact, everything changed after the changeover. Despite their best efforts, the DRGs were unable to break down their opponents' defences even once, and ended up losing 13-5 again.

Wo0t the conqueror!

While it is true that the whole team has been excellent on Icebox, it's clearly Wo0t who made the difference on Sunset. And that's an understatement considering that he finished with 417 ACS and found 27 of his 41 eliminations on this second map. What's more, he managed no fewer than 10 First Kills in 12 duels.

Let there be no doubt about it, the young player was a real war machine, sometimes with Jett, sometimes with Raze. And it's all the more respectable in that it normally assumes the role of Initiatorwith agents such as KAYO and Skye, and Sentinel. He replaces MiniBoo, the team's main Duelist.

It would seem that he has found a role that suits him like a glove. Wo0t even poked fun at the situation in his post-match tweet, by asking MiniBoo if he could continue to play Duelist full-time.

This kid... This kid !

Results of Round 1 of the Swiss system phase

The first round of the Swiss system phase is now over. Leviatan, T1, DRG and FUT Esport find themselves up against the wall. Two of them will be eliminated at the end of their next match. FPX, Gen.G, G2 Esports and Team Heretics, on the other hand, will still have a chance even if they lose their next match.

Results of Round 1 - Swiss System Phase - Masters Shanghai

As a reminder, there is only one way to get out of the Swiss system phase and qualify for the playoffs: you have to win two games before you can rack up two defeats.