Shroud and Sentinels will not participate in the Valorant Champions

On 8th July, Sentinels signed Shroud. This announcement came shortly before the LCQ NA, in which the player participated. Despite a good performance in the first match, the roster lost to The Guard and was sent to the lower bracket. If the team stayed in the tournament by beating Shopify Rebellion, the adventure is now over. Yesterday, the players of 100Thieves have definitively put an end to Sentinels' hopes. Sentinels will therefore not participate in the Valorant Champions 2022.

An incredible and intense meeting!

Beyond a stay in the NA LCQ, this match was an opportunity for 100Thieves to break the curse. The two teams have met many times during the VCT 2021, six times to be exact, and Sentinels has always won. With so much at stake, the match was bound to be electric.

And the least we can say is that the show lived up to the expectations of all the spectators. From the 100Thieves side, Derek and Asuna and finish with a KDA of 67/55/27 and 61/42/16 respectively. The latter even had the luxury of completely eliminating the opposing team twice. The showman on the Sentinels' side is indeed TenZ. With Chamber, he carried out over 70 kills in total, including ten 2K, six 3K and even four 4K! He is not one of the best players in the world for nothing. Shroud, as for him, was in difficulty. The former CS player finished with a rather average KDA of 32/55/37.

The match started on Fracture, and quickly turned in 100Thieves' favour. At the changeover, the team was leading 8-4, but Sentinels managed to rally to go into overtime. After just over an hour of play, the structure won a first, and final, point in the match. Final score: 17-15.

Despite a tight first half, 7-5 at the changeover, the 100Thieves went on to dominate Breeze. Once in defence, they were decisive, even in a retake situation. Final score : 13-7. If they won this card without too many problems, the 100Thieves players had more difficulty to take Haven. Leading 8-4 at the changeover, the team slowly came back, but failed to win the missing point. The tension increased when the scoreboard read 12-11. Finally, 100Thieves defused the spike one last time to eliminate Sentinels. Score: 13-11.

Crazy actions

As you can see, Derek, TenZ and Asuna put on a great show. However, other players also distinguished themselves during the match, such as Zellsis. We'll let you enjoy some of the game's best moves.

But what a man...

Dapr is a ninja!

Derek in action

This crazy clutch!

And now?

Despite the defeat, on social networks, the structure expressed its joy about this short and crazy adventure with the CS Legend!

For the moment, we don't know if Shroud will actually continue his Valorant adventure beyond this LCQ. However, as he recently explained, he wishes to become more professional on the Riot Games FPS, and would like to join a franchise team for the 2023 season.

The teams selected for the franchise will probably be revealed in the coming months. It seems possible that Sentinels will be one of them, so who knows... Shroud might stay with Tenz, ShaZaM and the rest of the roster for a while longer.

The final of the upper bracket of the LCQ NA will be held in the evening. To attend, go to VALORANT's Twitch channel starting at 10am CEST. Meanwhile, 100Thieves will face Cloud9 over the weekend.