Sentinels wins the Valorant Masters NA 1

While the Valorant Masters EU 1 ended earlier with the victory of Acend, it was the turn of the new continent to crown its champions. After an extraordinary tournament, Sentinels won the Valorant Masters NA 1.

A clear victory

The Sentinels were never really disturbed throughout the tournament. They defeated all their opponents, one after the other. In the winner's semi-final, they beat 100 Thieves in a 2-0, who were the title holders. Same result in the winner's final against FaZe Clan, with scores of 13-5 and 13-8. FaZe Clan came back from the loser bracket to take another beating from Sentinels. 3 maps to 0, with scores of 13-11, 13-7 and 13-4. Sentinels' superiority is absolutely unquestionable, even though the team is going through a very difficult period.

TenZ, the wizard

It was a surprising victory for Sentinels. Two days before the start of the Masters, the team lost its star player. Sinatraa has been accused of sexual assault, prompting Riot Games to suspend him from the tournaments while investigations are underway.

In dire straits, Sentinels' staff had no choice but to buy out another player's contract. They then turned to TenZ, the little genius from Cloud9. A few months ago, TenZ had expressed his desire to leave the competitive scene. Despite the misunderstandings of his rivals, he has since focused on streaming, with some success.

Seeing TenZ joining Sentinels was therefore unexpected, but a real boon for the team. However, the players didn't have time to prepare or train. Despite this, the recruitment paid off. Sentinels only lost one map in the whole tournament and TenZ was MVP of every match.

It's unclear whether the collaboration with TenZ is meant to last. It's therefore difficult to know if Sentinels' performance is representative of the team's level for the next tournaments.

Sentinels wins Valorant Masters NA 1 - valorant champions tour esports meta -

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