Sentinels wins the Madrid Masters

This Sunday evening, the Americans of Sentinels have beaten Gen.G during the final of the Masters Madrid. This latest title marks TenZ's return to the top level and a new era for Valorant esports.

Maps and scores of the match

Sentinels vs Gen.G Final Maps - Masters Madrid - VCT 2024

GEN 13-8 SEN

GEN 12-14 SEN

GEN 13-8 SEN

GEN 10-13 SEN

GEN 6-13 SEN

A final worthy of the name!

The fans in the stands at the Madrid Arena on Sunday evening were certainly not disappointed! After the full reveal of the new Agent, Cloveall attended an anthology match between Sentinels and Gen.G,

During the match, the two Masters Madrid finalists engaged in a merciless battle of wills and wills. exchanged victories and defeats. The Koreans won their two maps, Breeze and Ascent, and the Americans did the same with Bind and Split. After just over three hours and forty minutes of play, the ten players switched to Iceboxthe disappointment of this final.

On paper, Gen.G were the clear favourites, having won five of their last six matches on this map, while the Sentinels lost their only two games on it. Nevertheless, Zellsis and his cohorts showed an excellent command of the map, both in terms of defence and attack. Here's to the nineteenth round, johnqt found Karon's headand put an end to the suspense. Sentinels has just won the first Masters of the 2024 season!

After 1029 days, TenZ "is so back. The Canadian adds a new international title to his list of honours, something that hasn't happened since the Reykjavik Masters in 2021. The changes made in the run-up to the season have finally paid off, and as we envisaged in a previous articleSentinels is well on the way to restoring its reputation.

It has to be said that zekkenthe new star duelist in the roster, was monstrous! After five hours of play, he has racked up no less than 101 eliminationsof which 27 First Kill. We should also mention his performance on Split, a map on which he particularly shone, landing two quadrakills.

A new audience record

Viewership stats at the Madrid Masters - According to Esports Charts
Source: Esports Charts

The return of Sentinels is doing Valorant esports a world of good, at least that's what the stats say! According to Esports Charts, the five most-watched matches of the Madrid Masters pitted the American club against another team.

For example, the confrontation with Karmine Corp brought together just over 882,000 viewers maximum of the match and the one against LOUD in the first round of the playoffs even passed million simultaneous spectators.

The record for this first international LAN was soundly beaten in the Grand Final. At the climax of the evening, it was no fewer than 1,665,193 viewers who had gathered to witness the coronation of one team or another.

And then some, this match broke the previous recordrecorded during the match between OpTic Gaming and LOUD at the Valorant Champions 2022, which had 1,505,804 concurrent viewers. This final will definitely go down in the annals of Valorant.

Top 5 most-watched matches since the launch of the VCT :

  • 1 - Masters Madrid 2024 - Peak Viewers: 1,665,193 - Gen.G vs Sentinels
  • 2 - Valorant Champions 2022 - Peak Viewers: 1,505,804 - OpTic Gaming vs LOUD
  • 3 - LOCK In 2023 - Peak Viewers: 1,444,670 - Fnatic vs LOUD
  • 4 - Valorant Champions 2023 - Peak of Viewers: Paper Rex vs Evil Geniuses
  • 5 - Valorant Champions 2021 - Viewers' Peak: Gambit vs Acend