Riot presents the VCT 2022 programme

As the first ever VCT draws to a close on Sunday, with the final of the Valorant Champions, Riot Games was keen to talk about the future of the competitive circuit. Anna Donlon and Whalen Rozelle present in a short video what we can expect from the 2022 VCT. Let's summarise the various announcements.

Fewer Challengers and Masters

The Valorant Champions Tour 2021 had an extremely busy schedule. The first matches started in January and since then, there has rarely been more than a two-week break between two stages of the competition. This format was borderline untenable, both for the players and the viewers. It's hard to create an event when there's something going on every day.

The 2022 VCT will therefore be slimmed down. There will no longer be 3, but only 2 Masters, which also removes the three Challengers tournaments that were associated with it. As for the Last Chance Qualifier, it will return in August.

The World Championship in September

Since a major stage of the VCT has been removed, the World Championship will be held earlier. Thus, the next Valorant Champions will be held in September 2022. That's only 9 months away! Teams wishing to participate will have to compete from February to July, before taking a month's break before the championship.

2022 VCT Schedule
2022 VCT Schedule

The return of the Ignition Series

In Valorant's competitive debut, the Ignition Series saw a number of tournaments with varying rules and formats flourish. Riot Games wants to repeat the experience at the end of 2022. Indeed, with a Valorant Champions in September, there are three to four months left in the calendar to create original competitions where both organisers and teams can try to play Valorant with different rules.

However, we hope that these tournaments will not come back from private clubs as it was too often the case at the end of the circuit. We advise you to read our review of the Ignition Series.

International Game Changers

In an effort to highlight the female talents of Valorant, Riot Games announces that the Valorant Game Changers programme will be renewed and extended to new regions. The best teams from the different regions will also be able to compete in a major international competition in 2022.

Regional leagues

We had the pleasure of co-organising the Valorant Open Tour France throughout the year 2021. This format will be adapted to many countries to create a regional league where players of all levels can meet and prove themselves in official tournaments. For Riot Games, this is a good way to foster the growth of new talent before they are ready to join the global circuit.

Better monitoring of competitions

Valorant will soon be entitled to updates aimed at giving better prominence to its competitive circuit. This will start with the display of a calendar of the different matches to follow, directly integrated into the client. This is an excellent feature that seems so simple and obvious that one almost wonders why it hasn't been integrated yet, but it actually requires a lot of organisation, as it requires regular monitoring in all regions of the world.

Anna Dolon also mentions new tools to help Valorant game observers not miss any action. No details were given about this, but one can only dream of A.I similar to the one in League of Legends that is able to handle changes of plan to show the most interesting moments and each of the kills.

All this already gives us food for thought as to where Valorant esport will be heading next year. No doubt more announcements will come before the launch of the 2022 VCT in February.