Riot Games presents the VCT 2023 in video

Riot Games officially presents the VCT 2023 in a summary video. It includes all the steps of the tour and the sequence of events to come for this year.

The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 will start with the LOCK//IN Brazil. The winning team will win an additional place for their region (AM, EMEA or Pacific) at the Masters. The teams will then return to compete in their respective regions for 8 weeks in the International Leagues. The top 10 teams from each league will compete in the Tokyo Masters 2023. Unlike last year, there will only be one Masters this season. The stakes are therefore higher than ever.

Once the Masters over, eliminated teams will participate in the next round of the Last Chance Qualifier to hope to take part in the final stage of the VCT 2023. Thus, the 16 best qualified teams will have to compete for the title of World Champion, the location of which has not yet been revealed.