Riot Games unveils the Format of the VCT EMEA 2024

After the Kickoff and the Madrid MastersThe Valorant Champions Tour 2024 continues with a first League segmentAll four regions. With the new information provided by Riot Games, we now know what the teams in VCT EMEA. We explain the format for the next two years.

How Stage 2 works

  • Dates: from 18 June to 19 July

According to the information we have available For the moment, it appears that the groups will change for Stage 2. This seems logical, as some teams will not have the opportunity to compete all year if there are no changes. We'll be adding the line-ups in due course.

VCT EMEA Stage 2 groups

Note: the groups in Stage 2 are identical to those in the first segment.

The VCT EMEA groups Stage 1 - VCT 2024

Stage 2 format - Intra-group matches

  • About the group phase
    • All meetings are Bo3

For the second segment, the group phase is a little different. This time, Riot Games is favouring intra-group encounters. And so.., Alpha group teams play against each other, and Omega group teams play against each other.

  • About the playoffs
    • All matches are Bo3 (except the Lower Final and the Final, which are Bo5).

Qualifying for the playoffs is different too. Riot wants to reward teams that perform well throughout the season. The six qualifying teams are those with the best results in the first stage and in the group stage of the second stage.

The format is identical to that of the previous segment This is a modified double elimination tree.

With no Masters in sight, the aim here is to acquire one of the four slots for the Valorant Champions. The top 3 in the play-offs qualify and the final slot goes to the highest-ranked team in the VCT points table (which has not already qualified, of course).

How Stage 1 works

  • Dates for Stage 1 : from 3 April to 12 May

In VCT EMEA, each League segment operates through a system of groups the Alpha group (five teams) and the Omega group (six teams). For the first stage, the eleven teams were divided into two groups based on their results at Kickoff EMEA.

VCT EMEA groups Stage 1

The VCT EMEA groups Stage 1 - VCT 2024

Stage 1 format - Inter-group matches

The overall format of the Stages is fairly basic, as they are divided into two stages: the group phase and then the playoffs. However, each has its own special features.

  • About the group stage
    • All meetings are Bo3

The group phase of the first segment will be the scene of inter-group clashes. This means that the Alpha group teams will take on the Omega group teams. To be more precise, each team in the Alpha group will compete against all those in the other group, which represents a total of 30 matches.

The top three in each group advance to the playoffs. The two teams who come out on top have an advantage, as they automatically qualify for the semi-finals.

  • About the playoffs
    • All matches are Bo3 (except the Lower Final and the Final, which are Bo5).

The play-offs follow a modified double-elimination format, with the first round - the quarter-finals - being eliminatory. After this stage, there is a classic double-elimination tree with four teams.

The two finalists obtain a place at the Shanghai Masters. In addition, the two teams who lost in round 2 will battle it out for third place: the winner receives the third slot for the Masters.

Distribution of VCT points

For the 2024 season, Riot Games has once again chosen to use a VCT points system. Teams can acquire points in different ways:

  • Each victory in the segments grants 1 point,
  • The winning team receives 3 points,
  • Seeds 1 and 2 of the playoffs in each phase receive 1 bonus pointThey are playing one match less.
  • A Masters victory grants 3 points,
  • A victory in the launch tournament grants 3 points,