Riot Games unveils the VCT 2024 format

As the 2023 season draws to a close, Riot Games is stepping up its announcements concerning VCT 2024. A few weeks ago, for example, we learned that a Masters would be held in Shanghaiin China. Today, the company is revealing more details about the format for next seasonand is taking advantage of the announcement to unveil the Madrid Masters.

China to have its own League

The VCT 2024 will bring together even more teams than the current editionThe three winners of the Ascension Challengers will join the franchise teams: The Guard in the Americas League, Gentle Mates in EMEA and Bleed Esports on the Pacific side. But that's not the only change.

Ever since Lock In Brazil, we've known that Riot Games was already looking for ways to integrate China into the VCTAs proof of this, Chinese teams were present in this tournament and three slots were subsequently allocated to the country for the Valorant Champions. Although it seemed obvious that the Chinese would be taking part in the VCT 2024, the news has yet to be confirmed.

The wait has finally come to an end. In the recent press release, Léo FariaHead of Valorant Esport, confirmed that the emergence of a fourth League next season. This will be dedicated to Chinese teams. At the moment, we don't know whether it will be the same franchise system as in the other leagues, or which teams will be taking part. Given their performances in the Valorant Champions, it's highly likely that we'll see at least EDward Gaming and Bilibili Gaming.

New additions to the annual schedule

Schedule for the Valorant Champions Tour 2024

This year, the Valorant Champions Tour kicked off with the LOCK//IN Brazil. With this festive and unique tournament, Riot Games wanted to offer the league teams a way of showing the world what they were capable of, as well as a great opportunity to make themselves known around the globe. As indicated last year, the studio will not be repeating this sporting adventure in 2024.

Riot is retaining the idea of an attractive first tournament to kick off the season. There are no big international moves here, just an internal competition for each Leaguecalled the Kick-Off Tournament. This stage will certainly help to rekindle the hype around the players and the various structures after the off-season.

The other major change is, of course the return of a second Masters. While there were indeed two international LANs, other than the Champions, in 2022, the Lock In Brazil replaced the first Masters in 2023. Next season, the best teams in the VCT will once again face each other twice, once for the first time for the second time for the third time. at the Madrid Mastersthen a second at of the Shanghai Masters. The kick-off tournament will determine the eight teams who will qualify for Madrid.

What's more, Last Chance Qualifiers have completely disappeared from the programme. Knowing that four teams from each region will be joining the Valorant Champions, there is definitely a change in their selection method. This will involve Championship Points, which we'll be talking about in the next section.

The video also reminds us that changes will be made to give more credibility and visibility to the Challengers. For more information on this subject, go to our article on the development of VCLs in 2024.

Appearance of Championship Points

Teams will earn Championship Points during the VCT 2024.

Championship Points are making a comeback... well, it would be more accurate to say that they are reappearing, since circuit points already existed in 2022.

These famous points are a good way of rewarding teams for their efforts throughout the VCT, in addition to possible LAN victories. Depending on their performance, they will earn more or less Championship points, and may or may not qualify for the various major stages. Riot Games has specified that the number of points won would increase as the season progressesas well as each new competition.

The Valorant Champions will once again bring together the sixteen best teams in the world. In each league, only the four best-placed teams in the Championship Points ranking will get their pass for this tournament.