Reykjavik Masters 1 Format

While the number of qualified teams was known, the format of this international competition was yet to be specified. This is now done, as Riot Games has revealed in video the format, which will govern this first LAN of the 2022 season.

Explanation of the format

In these first Masters, the 12 best teams in the world will compete. To find out more about the qualified teams, see the article Qualified teams for the Reykjavik Masters 2022.

The competition will be divided into two phases : a group phase from 10th to 18th April followed by the playoffs from 22nd to 24th April, as revealed on Valorant's Twitter.

How the group phase works

With the 12 teams selected for the Masters, 2 groups of 6 will be formed. However, each group will be reduced by 2 teams, and only the remaining 4 will compete in this phase. Indeed, the 4 best teams, 2 from each group, who came first in the 4 most competitive regions of the world will be exempted from this group phase.

These teams are the seed n°1 in each region. For the time being, the teams that will be exempted from the group stage are: G2 Esports (EMEA), The Guard (NA) and Paper Rex (APAC). The fourth position will be determined after the final between Leviatam Esports and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Depending on the result, it should be KRU Esports or LOUD who will take this slot, as they beat Leviatan and NiP in the LATAM and Brazil regions respectively.

For this phase, the matches will all be BO3 played in a double elimination tree. At the end of this first part of the competition, the finalists of each group will join the pre-qualified teams for the play-offs.

During the group stage, teams will compete in a double elimination tree.

How the playoffs work

During this second part of the Masters, the teams will again be placed in a double elimination tree. All matches will be BO3, except for the Lower Bracket Final and the Grand Final, which will be BO5.

In order to avoid early rematches, teams in the same group, in the first phase will be dispatched to the opposite branches of the bracket. These newly qualified playoff teams will each meet a pre-qualified team in the first round.

In the playoffs, the finalists of both groups will face the 4 pre-qualified teams.

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