Resumption of the competition – Recap VCT 2022 Semaine 5 

A fortnight ago, the EMEA 2022 Challengers matches did not take place due to the current situation in Ukraine. Indeed, of all the players involved in the competition, 13 are Russian and 2 are Ukrainian. In order to protect everyone, the event has been put on hold for a few days.

This week, the clashes resumed but with only three matches. Recap of this fifth week of the VCT 2022 competition.

LDN UTD VS Team Liquid

The only match in group A opposed LDN UTD at Team Liquid. Prior to the match, the two teams were tied in the standings, having each made one win and one loss.

The first map played was Havenon which Liquid opened the score and managed to hold a slight advantage throughout the first set. When the changeover came, they were leading by a score of 7-5. But once they went on the defensive, UTD won the first two rounds thanks to a great performance of MOLSI who scored a triple in round 13. However, this was not enough to stop Liquid, who went on to win six out of seven rounds and close the card on a score of 13-8.

Split was the second map, and the last, as the Lithuanians lost again. Although Liquid opened the scoring again, it was LDN UTD who had the lead at half-time. They continued their momentum once they went on the attack, winning two rounds, and then were totally outplayed by Liquid. ScreaM and soulcas were absolutely monstrous and gave their opponents absolutely no chance in the second round. They finished the map 13-10 and ended the match 2-0.

BBL Esports wins its first match

BBL Esports2-0SuperMassive Blaze
G2 Esports1-2Acend

BBL Esports VS SuperMassive Blaze

In Group B, two matches took place and the first opposed BBL Esports at SuperMassive Blaze, two teams at the bottom of the table who had yet to win a match.

The first clash took place on Split. BBL Esports started off on the attack and quickly took the lead, 5-0. The Sage of TURKO clearly contributed to this lead, as the player alone totalled around 15 kills for only three deaths. On the SuperMassive side, Brave tried to keep his team afloat, without much success though. At the beginning of the second round, the score was 9-3, still in favour of BBL, and the SuperMassive only managed to win four more rounds. The map ended 13-7.

The second map was Icebox and this time it was SuperMassive Blaze who were leading 7-5 at half time. However, the shift to defence did not work for them and they were soon outgunned by TURKO, QutionerX and AsLanM4shadoW. BBL Esports regained the lead and ended the game 13-10. They ended the match with a score of 2-0 and won their first match since the beginning of the competition.

G2 Esports VS Acend

The encounter G2 Esports/Acend was the only one of the week that was played in three maps. However, despite conceding a map, the world champions proved to be formidable and showed G2 that they were not the title holders for nothing.

The match opened on Bind where Acend got a bit of a beating from his opponents. Indeed, although they won the first two rounds, they then conceded eight out of ten. They let the first round end 8-4 in favour of G2 Esports, having struggled to break through enemy lines and take down the Raze of nukkye. Nukkye proved to be just as formidable on offense and led his team to victory with a masterful hand, closing the map 13-7 in favour of the Samurai.

On Ascent, G2 Esports again won the first phase of the game, but this time with a little less lead and ease, although Meddo and m1xwell performed well. But once they got into the attack, the Acend players showed what they were capable of. Led by the Jett of cNed, they gave G2 no chance and won almost every round, eventually finishing the card 13-9 in their favour.

Then tied, it was vital for both teams not to bend the knee to the opposition. However, there could only be one winning team, and this time it was Acend. The latter opened the score on Split and quickly led 6-0. At half-time, the score was still 8-4 in their favour. But determined to finish the game quickly, they accelerated their pace in the second set and conceded only one round to G2. The latter finally lost 13-5, giving the world champions another victory.

The ranking at the end of the fourth week of competition

Group A
Team Liquid2-1
Gambit Esports1-1
Natus Vincere1-1
Group B
Guild Esports2-0
G2 Esports1-2
BBL Esports1-2
SuperMassive Blaze0-3

This ranking is not entirely accurate, however, as only three games were played this week: one in group A and two in group B. FPX, Fnatic and Guild Esports still dominate their groups at the moment, but this could change in the coming weeks once the cancelled matches have been played.

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