Pre-Masters 2: Valorant in Brazil

The Valorant Masters 2 in Reykjavík start on Monday! After our articles on Valorant in Asia and in North America, we finish this series by looking at the Brazilian scene of Riot's FPS. Find out why the game has developed in the region and the 2 teams that will represent it in the first international Valorant competition!

Valorant's welcome in Brazil

Brazil is known to be one of the most enthusiastic countries when it comes to shooters and online competitions. This is largely due to a highly developed sports culture in the region. In addition, the COVID-crisis has greatly intensified video games. Valorant, which was released at the same time as this crisis, took advantage of this sudden surge of popularity. Even more so than its creators had anticipated.

Riot's FPS works particularly well in Brazil, thanks in part to the fact that it's free-to-play and the low system requirements needed to enjoy the game in good conditions. Naturally, public interest in Valorant has a direct impact on Brazilian interest in the VCT. The Brazilian stages of the Valorant Champions Tour attract huge crowds, regularly more than the European circuit, while the VCT Brazil is played at the same time as the VCT NA, by far the most popular of all. Despite this popular success, esports still strugle to be profitable in Brazil. The Brazilian community brings in very little money compared to the United States for example, because the population as a whole has little means compared to other regions.

This does not prevent Brazilian organisations from playing at top level, as, notably, FURIA Esports does on CS:GO. We can't wait to see what Brazilian teams have to offer against teams from all over the world.

The Brazilian meta

There was a time when the Brazilians were even more aggressive than the North Americans, often playing 3 or 4 duelists in their compositions! However, things have since changed dramatically. Brazil's eplosive style has gradually come into line with the rest of the world, but still has its singularities. Indeed, Brazilian professional teams do not hesitate to swap one of their two duelists for a second sentinel or a second controller. It's therefore not uncommon to see a Viper or an Omen at the same time for example. This creates an environment for carnage of the remaining duelist, usually Raze.

In Brazil, Sova reigns over the competitive Valorant scene. The latter was picked more than 97% of the time in the Challengers Finals. Just behind him, there are the presences of Raze (64,7%) and of Omen (61,8%). Astra did not convince the Brazilians as she did the North Americans. The controller was chosen only 25% of the time in the last major Brazilian competition.

Qualified teams: Team Vikings and Sharks Esports

The two teams that will represent Brazil at the Masters in Reykjavík are Team Vikings and Sharks Esports. The qualification of the latter is a surprise, as the Sharks are usually on the bottom step of the podium.

Team Vikings

Pré-Masters 2 : Valorant au Brésil - valorant champions tour team vikings player sacy -

Best player: Sacy

Best Map: Split (WinRate 88%)
Worst Map: Ascent (WR 60%)

Preferred side: Defense
Play-style: Control

The Team Vikings reigns over the Brazilian competitive scene. In the VCT, if they don't finish first, they are at least in the top 3.. The team has won the first two Challengers in each phase as well as the Masters 1. They are probably the best ambassadors for Brazil on Valorant.

In order to shine at these Masters 2, the Vikings can count on Sacy and his Sova. The player, one of the best in Brazil, holds the second highest ACS of the Challengers Finals with 245. Saadhak is also one of the pillars of the team and is in charge of monitoring the sites with his Cypher and Killjoy.

Sharks Esports

Pré-Masters 2 : Valorant au Brésil - valorant champions tour team sharks player prozin -

Best player: Prozin

Best Map: Haven (WR 89%)
Worst Map: Icebox (WR 30%)

Preferred side: None
Play-style: Control

The qualification of Sharks Esports is surprising. The team was founded last Match by signing Squad5 just before the first Masters. After the Masters, they were always well ranked but never on top step of the podium. During the Challengers Finals, they still managed to beat the top teams SLICK, FURIA Esports and Gamelanders and get a place in the Masters 2. However, we are concerned about a team that has only played once on Split and is now in the Masters. This is bound to hurt them at some point in the competition...

In the Sharks, Prozin stands out from the rest with his excellent individual actions. However, a team cannot rely on just one player to excel. That is why the Sharks also rely on Gaabxx on his Jett as well as on Light and his game sense on Omen. Sharks Esports is one of the outsider in the competition and will have prove what they can do!

Pré-Masters 2 : Valorant au Brésil - valorant champions tour esports meta -

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