Planning, Results and Groups of the Game Changers EMEA 3 - VCT 2023

After winning the first stage, the G2 Gozen won again in the next phase. Will they be able to win Game Changers EMEA Series 3 to clinch a third title this year, as well as a place in the World Championship? Suspense! Results, schedule, composition of the groups... We give you all the important information about this last tournament of the 2023 season.

The Game Changers EMEA Series 3 playoffs

All the group stage matches have been played. BBL Queens, Falcons Vega, Odd 1 OUT, G2 Gozen, from group A, and Acend Rising, NASR Ignite, Anonymo Female, Rebels Velvet, from group B, qualified for the playoffs.

EDIT: All the playoff matches have been played. BBL Queens beat Acend Rising. Not only did the Turkish players dethrone the G2 Gozen, they did it with panache. They simply didn't lose a single match in the ten games they played.

Tue. 03/10 - 6pmQuarter final #1Falcons Vega2 - 1Anonymo Female
Tue. 03/10 - 9pmQuarter final #2NASR Ignite2 - 1Odd 1 OUT
Wed. 04/10 - 6pmSemi-final #1Acend Rising1 - 2Team Falcons
Wed. 04/10 - 6pmLower Round 1 #1G2 Gozen2 - 0Anonymo Female
Wed. 04/10 - 9pmSemi-final #2BBL Queens2 - 1NASR Ignite
Wed. 04/10 - 9pmLower Round 1 #2Rebels Velvet2 - 0Odd 1 OUT
Thu. 05/10 - 6pmLower Round 2 #1Acend Rising2 - 0Rebels Velvet
Thu. 05/10 - 9pmLower Round 2 #2NASR Ignite1 - 2G2 Gozen
Fri. 06/10 - 6pmUpper FinalBBL Queens2 - 0Team Falcons
Fri. 06/10 - 9pmLower Round 3Acend Rising2 - 0G2 Gozen
Sat. 07/10 - 6pmLower FinalTeam Falcons2 - 3Acend Rising
Sun. 08/10 - 6pmGrand FinalBBL Queens3 - 1Acend Rising

The Game Changers EMEA Series 3 regular season

Regular season groups

As before, this new Game Changers EMEA includes two phases: group stage, followed by the playoff phase. In the first stage, the teams are divided into two groups of eight. Here are the line-ups:

  • Group A: BBL Queens, Odd 1 OUT, NaVi Celestials, G2 Gozen, Falcons Vega, Case Hydra, Dsyre GC, Guild X.

  • Group B: Acend Rising, KPI Shine, Anonymo Female, NASR Ignite, FUT Female, Rebels Velvet, Karmine Corp GC, EXCEL GC.

Regular Season Schedule and Results

The group phase is used to determine the four teams in each group to the play-offs. The rankings below are provisional and will be updated as soon as information becomes available. Edit : All matches have been played.

Group A ranking

  • 1st - BBL Queens: 7-0
  • 2nd - Falcons Vega: 5-2
  • 3rd - Odd 1 OUT : 5-2
  • 4th - G2 Gozen: 4-3
  • 5th - Case Hydra: 3-4
  • 6th - Guild X: 2-5
  • 7th - NaVi Celestials: 2-5
  • 8th - Dsyre GC: 0-7

Group B ranking

  • 1st - Acend Rising: 6-1
  • 2nd - NASR Ignite: 6-1
  • 3rd - Anonymo Female: 5-2
  • 4th - Rebels Velvet: 4-3
  • 5th - FUT Female: 4-3
  • 6th - KPI Shine: 2-5
  • 7th - Karmine Corp GC: 1-6
  • 8th - EXCEL GC: 0-7

Scores of Group A matches

This section will be updated as information becomes available.

Mon. 11/09G2 Gozen2 - 1Falcons Vega
Mon. 11/09Odd 1 OUT2 - 0Dsyre GC
Mon. 11/09BBL Queens2 - 0Guild X
Mon. 11/09Case Hydra0 - 2NaVi Celestials
Tue. 12/09G2 Gozen2 - 0Dsyre GC
Tue. 12/09Falcons Vega2 - 0Guild X
Tue. 12/09Odd 1 OUT2 - 1NaVi Celestials
Tue. 12/09BBL Queens2 - 0Case Hydra
Wed. 13/09G2 Gozen2 - 0Guild X
Wed. 13/09Dsyre GC0 - 2NaVi Celestials
Wed. 13/09Falcons Vega2 - 0Case Hydra
Wed. 13/09Odd 1 OUT1 - 2BBL Queens
Mon. 18/09G2 Gozen2 - 0NaVi Celestials
Mon. 18/09Guild X1 - 2Case Hydra
Mon. 18/09Dsyre GC0 - 2BBL Queens
Mon. 18/09Falcons Vega1 - 2Odd 1 OUT
Tue. 19/09G2 Gozen1 - 2Case Hydra
Tue. 19/09NaVi Celestials0 - 2BBL Queens
Tue. 19/09Guild X1 - 2Odd 1 OUT
Tue. 19/09Dsyre GC1 - 2Falcons Vega
Mon. 25/09G2 Gozen1 - 2BBL Queens
Mon. 25/09Case Hydra0 - 2Odd 1 OUT
Mon. 25/09NaVi Celestials0 - 2Falcons Vega
Mon. 25/09Guild X2 - 0Dsyre GC
Tue. 26/09G2 Gozen0 - 2Odd 1 OUT
Tue. 26/09BBL Queens2 - 0Falcons Vega
Tue. 26/09Case Hydra2 - 1Dsyre GC
Tue. 26/09NaVi Celestials1 - 2Guild X

Scores of Group B matches

This section will be updated as information becomes available.

Mon. 11/09FUT Female1 - 2NASR Ignite
Mon. 11/09Acend Rising2 - 0EXCEL GC
Mon. 11/09KPI Shine2 - 1Karmine Corp GC
Mon. 11/09Anonymo Female0 - 2Rebels Velvet
Tue. 12/09FUT Female2 - 0EXCEL GC
Tue. 12/09NASR Ignite2 - 0Karmine Corp GC
Tue. 12/09Acend Rising2 - 0Rebels Velvet
Tue. 12/09KPI Shine1 - 2Anonymo Female
Wed. 13/09FUT Female2 - 1Karmine Corp GC
Wed. 13/09EXCEL GC0 - 2Rebels Velvet
Wed. 13/09NASR Ignite2 - 0Anonymo Female
Wed. 13/09Acend Rising2 - 1KPI Shine
Mon. 18/09FUT Female0 - 2Rebels Velvet
Mon. 18/09Karmine Corp GC0 - 2Anonymo Female
Mon. 18/09EXCEL GC0 - 2KPI Shine
Mon. 18/09NASR Ignite0 - 2Acend Rising
Tue. 19/09FUT Female1 - 2Anonymo Female
Tue. 19/09Rebels Velvet2 - 0KPI Shine
Tue. 19/09Karmine Corp GC0 - 2Acend Rising
Tue. 19/09EXCEL GC0 - 2NASR Ignite
Mon. 25/09FUT Female2 - 0KPI Shine
Mon. 25/09Anonymo Female1 - 2Acend Rising
Mon. 25/09Rebels Velvet0 - 2NASR Ignite
Mon. 25/09Karmine Corp GC2 - 0EXCEL GC
Tue. 26/09FUT Female2 - 0Acend Rising
Tue. 26/09KPI Shine0 - 2NASR Ignite
Tue. 26/09Anonymo Female2 - 0EXCEL GC
Tue. 26/09Rebels Velvet2 - 0Karmine Corp GC

To follow the meetings, go to the Twitch channel Valorant EMEA.