Schedule and results of the Valorant Champions 2023 matches

The Valorant Champions 2023 takes place throughout August! The programme is extremely busy, with the 16 best teams of the world will have to battle it out in the Group stages, before the double-elimination Playoffs and the Grand Final. Here is the match schedule, which we will update with results as they become available.

Please note that all competition days start at 9pm French time, and subsequent matches start when the previous one finishes.

The Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs

We now know all the teams that have qualified for the playoffs. The EMEA region will be represented by Fnatic and FUT Esports, the Pacific League by DRX and Paper Rex, and the Americas League by LOUD and Evil Geniuses. The list is completed by two Chinese teams, EDward Gaming and Bilibili Gaming.

MatchDateStageTeam 1vs.Team 2
21Wed. 16 AugustUpper Round 1Fnatic0 - 2LOUD
22Wed. 16 AugustUpper Round 1Paper Rex2 - 0FUT Esports
23Thu. 17 AugustUpper Round 1DRX2 - 0BiliBili Gaming
24Thu. 17 AugustUpper Round 1Evil Geniuses2 - 1EDward Gaming
25Fri. 18 AugustLower Round 1Fnatic2 - 0FUT Esports
26Fri. 18 AugustLower Round 1Bilibili Gaming1 - 2EDward Gaming
27Sat. 19 AugustUpper Round 2LOUD1 - 2Paper Rex
28Sat. 19 AugustUpper Round 2DRX0 - 2Evil Geniuses
29Sun. 20 AugustLower Round 2Fnatic2 - 1DRX
30Sun. 20 AugustLower Round 2EDward Gaming1 - 2LOUD
31Thu. 24 AugustUpper FinalePaper Rex2 - 1Evil Geniuses
32Thu. 24 AugustLower semi-finalFnatic1 - 2LOUD
33Fri. 25 AugustLower FinaleLOUDvs.Evil Geniuses
34Sat. 26 AugustGrand FinalPaper Rexvs.TBD

Breakdown of teams

The Valorant Champions kicks off with a group phase to determine the eight teams that will advance to the play-offs. The sixteen qualifiers were divided into four distinct groupsThis means that only the two best performers in each group earn a place in the rest of the tournament.

You will find the team breakdown below:

  • Group A: Paper Rex, KRU Esports, EDward Gaming, Giants
  • Group B: Evil Geniuses, FunPlus Phoenix, FUT Esports, T1
  • Group C : Fnatic, ZETA Division, NRG, Bilibili Gaming
  • Group D : Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, DRX, LOUD

Group rankings

Group A

1st - PRX: 2-0
2nd - EDG: 2-1
3rd - Giants: 1-2
4th - KRU: 0-2

Group B

1st - EG: 2-0
2nd - FUT: 2-1
3rd - Q1: 1-2
4th - FPX: 0-2

Group C

1st - FNC: 2-0
2nd - BBG: 2-1
3rd - NRG: 1-2
4th - ZETA: 0-2

Group D

1st - DRX: 2-0
2nd - Loud: 2-1
3rd - NaVi: 1-2
4th - TL: 0-2

Group stage matches

MatchDateGroupTeam 1vs.Team 2
1Sun. 6 AugustDTeam Liquid0 - 2Natus Vincere
2Sun. 6 AugustDDRX2 - 1LOUD Gaming
3Mon. 7 AugustBFUT Esports2 - 0T1
4Mon. 7 AugustBEvil Geniuses2 - 0FPX
5Mon. 7 AugustDNatus Vincere1 - 2DRX
6Tue. 8 AugustCNRG Esports0 - 2Bilibili Gaming
7Tue. 8 AugustCFnatic2 - 0ZETA DIVISION
8Tue. 8 AugustBFUT Esports0 - 2Evil Geniuses
9Wed. 9 AugustAPaper Rex2 - 0KRÜ Esports
10Wed. 9 AugustAEDward Gaming2 - 1Giants Gaming
11Wed. 9 AugustCBilibili Gaming0 - 2Fnatic
12Thu. 10 AugustDTeam Liquid0 - 2LOUD
13Thu. 10 AugustBT12 - 0FPX
14Thu. 10 AugustAPaper Rex2 - 0EDward Gaming
15Fri. 11 AugustAKRÜ Esports0 - 2Giants Gaming
16Fri. 11 AugustCNRG Esports2 - 0ZETA DIVISION
17Sat. 12 AugustDNatus Vincere1 - 2LOUD
18Sat. 12 AugustBFUT Esports2 - 1T1
19Sun. 13 AugustAEDward Gaming2 - 0Giants Gaming
20Sun. 13 AugustCBilibili Gaming2 - 0NRG Esports