Planning and results for Ascension EMEA 2023

Ascension tournament is a real gateway to the next level of the competition. The players who win the final will receive a place in the EMEA LeagueThis will be the case for the next two seasons of the VCT. Nevertheless, the road to the Holy Grail is not the easiest... In the EMEA region, Ascension brings together the best teams in the Challengers Leaguesand FOKUS, the team that emerged victorious from the Play-In. So you can expect some high-flying encounters!

Ascension EMEA comprises 2 distinct phases:

  • The group phase - from 30 June to 4 July. All matches are BO3.
  • The play-off phase - from 13 to 16 July. The majority of matches are BO3; only the lower bracket final and the Grand Final are BO5.

Schedule and results for the Ascension group phase

The ten teams that have qualified for the group stage have been allocated as follows into two groups of five. At the end of this first stage, the four best performing teams, two from each group, will advance to the play-offs. This section will be updated as information becomes available.

Composition of the groups

You will find below the breakdown of the teams in groups A and B:

  • Group A - Acend, Dsyre, CGN Esports, Digital Athletics and SAW,
  • Group B - Team Falcons, Apeks, Case Esports, Gentle Mates and FOKUS.

Group A match results

Fri. 30/065pmAcend2 - 0Digital Athletics
Fri. 30/068pmDsyre0 - 2CGN Esports
Sat. 01/075pmAcend2 - 1CGN Esports
Sat. 01/078pmSAW2 - 1Digital Athletics
Sun. 02/075pmSAW2 - 1CGN Esports
Sun. 02/078pmDsyre2 - 1Acend
Mon 03/075pmSAW2 - 1Dsyre
Mon 03/078pmDigital Athletics2 - 1CGN Esports
Tue. 04/075pmDsyre0 - 2Digital Athletics
Tue. 04/078pmSAW0 - 2Acend

Group B match results

Fri. 30/065pmCase Esports0 - 2Apeks
Fri. 30/068pmTeam Falcons0 - 2Gentle Mates
Sat. 01/075pmGentle Mates2 - 0Case Esports
Sat. 01/078pmApeks2 - 1FOKUS
Sun. 02/075pmGentle Mates2 - 1FOKUS
Sun. 02/078pmTeam Falcons2 - 0Case Esports
Mon 03/075pmTeam Falcons1 - 2FOKUS
Mon 03/078pmGentle Mates0 - 2Apeks
Tue. 04/075pmTeam Falcons0 - 2Apeks
Tue. 04/078pmCase Esports0 - 2FOKUS

Playoff schedule and results

Information will be added as it becomes available. Note that this stage will be broadcast on the Twitch channel Valorant France.

Thu. 13/075pmSemi-final #1Acend2 - 0Gentle Mates
Thu. 13/078pmSemi-final #2Apeks2 - 0SAW
Fri 14/075pmUpper bracket finalAcend1 - 2Apeks
Fri 14/078pmLower bracket - Round 1Gentle Mates2 - 1SAW
Sat. 15/075pmLower bracket finalAcend0 - 3Gentle Mates
Sun. 16/075pmGrand FinalApeks0 - 3Gentle Mates