Masters Tokyo - VCT 2023 schedule and results

The VCT 2023 has three international stages. The first, the LOCK//IN Brazil, ended with Fnatic's victory over LOUD. These two teams, along with ten others, will soon be competing against each other on the occasion of the Tokyo Masters, the second LAN bringing together players from the various leagues. For EMEA teams, even more than for those from other regions, this tournament is of vital importance. At the end of the competition, the overall rankings will determine the three EMEA teams pre-selected for the Valorant Champions.

After two weeks of competition, we finally know the winner of the Tokyo 2023 Masters. By winning this new international LAN, Boaster, Derke, Leo, Chronicle, Alfajer and kamyk, representing Fnaticare consolidating their domination of the global Valorant scene. When they established themselves in LOCK//IN Sao PauloAt the Tokyo Masters, they secured an extra place for the EMEA region. Once again, their victory benefits the European teams. Instead of just one team, it will be two teams who will qualify for the Valorant Champions through the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA.

Fnatic wins the Tokyo 2023 Masters.
Fnatic wins the Tokyo 2023 Masters!

The Tokyo Masters includes 2 distinct phases:

  • A group phase - from 11th to 14th June. All matches are BO3.
  • A play-off phase - from 16th to 25th June. The majority of matches are BO3, with the exception of the Lower Final and Grand Final, which are BO5.

Schedule and results of the Masters Tokyo group stage

At the end of this first stage, EDward Gaming, NRG, DRX and Evil Geniuses have secured their slot for the play-offs.

Composition of the groups

This tournament brings together a total of 12 teams from various leagues and from China. The four best performers - Team Liquid, Paper Rex, LOUD and Fnatic - automatically qualified for the playoffs. The eight remaining teams were divided into two groups. At the end of this phase, the top two teams in each group will join the rest of the competition.

  • Group A: NRG, Natus Vincere, EDward Gaming and T1
  • Group B: DRX, Attacking Soul Esports, FUT Esports and Evil Geniuses

Scores of Group A matches

This section will be updated as information becomes available.

Sun. 11/0611amMatch 1EDward Gaming1 - 2T1
Mon 12/065amMatch 2NRG2 - 1Natus Vincere
Tue. 13/065amMatch 3 - QualifierT11 - 2NRG
Tue. 13/0611amMatch 4EDward Gaming2 - 0Natus Vincere
Wed. 14/068amMatch 5 - QualifierT10 - 2EDward Gaming

Scores of Group B matches

This section will be updated as information becomes available.

Sun. 11/065amMatch 1FUT Esports0 - 2Evil Geniuses
Sun. 11/068amMatch 2DRX2 - 0Attacking Soul Esports
Mon 12/068amMatch 3 - QualifierEvil Geniuses2 - 0DRX
Tue. 13/068amMatch 4FUT Esports2 - 1Attacking Soul Esports
Wed. 14/065amMatch 5 - QualifierDRX2 - 1FUT Esports

Tokyo Masters playoffs schedule and results

This section will be updated as information becomes available.

Fri 16/065amQuarter-finals - #1Evil Geniuses0 - 2LOUD
Fri 16/068amQuarter-finals - #2Team Liquid2 - 1EDward Gaming
Sat. 17/065amQuarter-final - #3Paper Rex2 - 0DRX
Sat. 17/068amQuarter-final - #4Fnatic2 - 0NRG Esports
Sun. 18/065amLower Round 1 - #1EDward Gaming2 - 0LOUD
Sun. 18/068amLower Round 1 - #2DRX0 - 2NRG Esports
Mon. 19/065amSemi-final - #1Team Liquid0 - 2Evil Geniuses
Mon. 19/068amSemi-final - #2Paper Rex0 - 2Fnatic
Tue. 20/065amLower Round 2 - #1Team Liquid1 - 2NRG Esports
Tue. 20/068amLower Round 2 - #2Paper Rex2 - 1EDward Gaming
Wed. 21/065amUpper FinalFnatic2 - 1Evil Geniuses
Wed. 21/068amLower Round 3NRG Esports1 - 2Paper Rex
Sat. 24/065amLower FinalEvil Geniuses3 - 2Paper Rex
Sun. 25/065amGrand FinalFnatic3 - 0Evil Geniuses

To follow the meetings, go to the Twitch channel Valorant EMEA.