Paper Rex: a first international title at the Valorant Champions 2023?

From simple rookie to genuine contender for the title of World Champion, Paper Rex is constantly evolving and improving since her first appearance on the Valorant Champions Tour. Although she hasn't yet had the opportunity to lift the trophy at an international LAN, she could well go on to take it. of the Valorant Champions 2023. Between the group stage and the start of the playoffs, mindfreak and his comrades score a string of spectacular victories. Thanks to their recent victory over Evil Geniuses, they have reached the Grand Final of the tournament.

Paper Rex, a talented and experienced team

It wasn't long before Paper Rex - founded by Harley " dsn "Orwall - an icon on the Counter Strike scene - is joining the Valorant adventure. The Singaporean organisation has signed its first players in July 2020. However, it was not until the following year that she began to make a name for herself.

Change of roster

On reflection , Paper Rex decides to transfer its CS:GO roster to Riot Games' FPS. This choice proved to be the right one, as they achieved much better results, finishing fourth in two Phase 1 Challengers in the VCT 2021, before going on to dominate their region in Phase 2 and 3. At that time, f0rsaken, mindfreak, shiba, Benkai and d4v41 even reached the Final of the tournament bringing together the top teams in South Asia, a performance that opened the doors to their first international LAN.

Unfortunately, at the Masters 3 in BerlinHowever, the level was much higher and different to what they had experienced up until then, and they were eliminated at the group stage. Shortly after this failure, Jinggg joins the ranks of Paper RexA player who will quickly become a key element in the team's future success.

The beginning of glory

During the 2022 season, this new roster worked wonders. Paper Rex wins twice against Xerxia Esportsin the final of the APAC Challengers. What's more, she managed to qualify for the year's two Masters. The Singaporean team finished fourth in the Reykjavik Masters and picks up the TOP2 at the Copenhagen Masters, after a narrow defeat to FunPlus Phoenix. In the end, this VCT 2022 was only marred by an early and disappointing elimination from the Valorant Champions.

However, it is undeniable that Paper Rex goes from strength to strength and is becoming a serious contender to keep an eye on, especially as she went on to defeat Team Heretics in the Final of the Valorant India Invitational, the biggest off-season tournament in the region. There's no doubt that the stability of her roster compared to other big structures plays in her favour and, in fineon its success. Between the end of 2021 and the end of 2022, only shiba - an intermediate addition - was not maintained.

A superb 2023 season

Thanks to its involvement in the sporting scene from the outset, Paper Rex has obtained a slot in the new franchised league system of the VCT 2023. After a quick outing at the Lock In Brazil, the team did sparks fly in the Pacific League, thanks in particular to something, the new protégé.

They finished second in the standings at the end of the regular season with a fine record (seven wins and two defeats). Paper Rex have once again demonstrated their potential by winning the Final against DRX. A few weeks later, they finished third in the Tokyo Mastersanother fine performance.

Paper Rex has qualified for the Valorant Champions 2023.. She is performing extremely well and could well go on to win her first international title at the end of this competition!

A faultless performance in this Valorant Champions event

Valorant Champions Trophy

The beginning of Valorant ChampionsPaper Rex has joined Group A, alongside Giants Gaming, EDG and KRU Esports. As a result of its two successive victories, 2-0 (13-7/13-8) against KRU, then 2-0 (13-7/16-14) against EDward GamingShe came out on top of her group.

It was just the beginning of a perfect run. In his opening match of the playoffs, Paper Rex defeated FUT Esports 2-0 (13-10/13-4). What's more, the Singaporeans put on a spectacular show. beating LOUD 2-1after a frenetic match (15-13/2-13/13-10).

In four games, they played four times on Pearlwithout conceding the card once. It has to be said that their composition with Jinggg on Phoenix is particularly well-honed. Even the best team in North America, Evil Geniuses, were no match for the flames of hell!

Victory over Evil Genuises for a place in the Final

Because yes, Evil Geniuses was shot by Paper Rex during the Upper Final. This is revenge for the Pacific teamShe lost 2-3 to EG in the lower final of the Tokyo Masters. What's more, Paper Rex won 2-1 thanks to two completely mad remontadas.

Scores from the Paper Rex vs Evil Geniuses match - Playoffs Valorant Champions 2023

While all the players performed well, two stood out even more. Paper Rex, mindfreak took the lead in the overall rankings with 57 eliminations, 32 assists and 42 deathswhich also had the best rating of the game (1.25). Among the Americans, we expected to see Demon1 at the top of the list, but C0M stole the show. In fact, he didn't steal anything at all. With 64 kills, 19 assists and 47 deathsIt made all the difference, in particular on Ascent.

Card summary

As we have just said, C0M shone on Ascent. It performed so well that Paper Rex ended up losing the 10-13 cardThis was despite leading by two points at the end of the first half. Everything changed in the Attack, and in particular in round 19.

This set marked a turning point in the match: it was the start of American domination and the end of Singapore's victories. After a MO-NU-MEN-TAL clutch from C0M against forsaken and somethingEvil Geniuses won another five rounds in a row. Monstrous in both defence and attack, C0M finished the game with a very good KD and a rating of 1.61.

Once again, C0M's excellent work enabled EG to take the lead on Bind. Paper Rex couldn't find a point at the second pistol-round, so well, which Evil Geniuses dominated 9-5 at the end of heat 14. Nevertheless, by winning the bonus round and the following one without too many losses, something and its mates built up a good reserve of credits, while Evil Geniuses found themselves in the vicious circle of low-buy/rounders with weapons. Benefiting from better weapons, the Paper Rexes won the following six roundsand soared to victory.

The other unexpected comeback was on Pearl. As we said earlier, Paper Rex don't lose on this card! During the first half, each team collected six points, but the Singaporeans still imposed their game in time, as they won six rounds in a row, notably with the mindfreak clutch It's easy to see why the crowd went wild for every crazy move either team made.

After the change, EG kept their Momentum and won another five points. The tension in the crowd rose as the Americans went from strength to strength. At the end of the seventeenth set, the score was 11-6. Victory was in sight...

...but that was without counting on another crazy rise from Paper Rex. They went for overtime on a fine move by forsaken with his Odin. period. In this game, he was far from a stranger to his team's success, winning crucial clutches.

If they want to reach the Grand Final, Evil Geniuses players will have to beat LOUD, which beat Fnatic in the the bottom bracket. Having assumed the role of tournament villains, will the Americans let the trophy slip through their fingers? Suspense.