OpTic Gaming wins Reykjavik Masters 2022

The Reykjavik Masters is the first international LAN of 2022. After an intense match against LOUD, it was finally the North American team OpTic Gaming who lifts the trophy.

By winning this first title, the roster not only pocketed $200,000, but also 750 VCT points. This point total gives them a good lead in the qualification for the the Valorant Champions, at least for the time being.

OpTic Gaming in the VCT

With this new edition of the VCT, many new structures have appeared at the beginning of the year. This is notably the case for OpTic Gaming. Nevertheless, the players are no strangers to the Valorant scene; they are the ex-roster of Team Envy, which was disbanded in February following the merger between the two structures.

OpTic Gaming entered Valorant with a seasoned roster. Last year the players won the NA Challengers 2 in Phase 1 and finished second in the Berlin Masters 3 following the final against Gambit Esports. This podium even allowed them to participate in the Valorant Champions 2021.

Thanks to these performances, the team has advanced directly to the group stage of the North American Challengers 1 of this VCT 2022. The players proved that they deserve their place and made it to the final of this Challengers. Despite a loss to The Guard, the roster earned a spot in the Masters.

A final with an air of déjà vu

Unlike LOUD, OpTic Gaming did not automatically enter the playoffs and played the group stage. With 2 wins and 1 loss, the team came second in their group and advanced in the tournament.

Determined to win, the American players sent first The Guard and then DRX to the lower bracket. Despite a good run, they lost in the final of the upper bracket against LOUD. Nevertheless, this defeat did not dampen their motivation, as they dominated ZETA DIVISION during the lower bracket final to secure their pass to the Grand Final.

An intense match for victory

With this victory, OpTic Gaming ends LOUD's winning streak, who had not conceded a game since joining the VCT, in 17 games played. Despite the final score of 3-0, the match was not easy for the North American team; on the contrary, LOUD did not lose.

Throughout the match, OpTic Gaming's players set the pace for the LOUDs in every first half. On Ascent, they led 10-2 to change and 8-4 and on Bind and Breeze.

Nevertheless, even with this comfortable lead, the games were extremely close. The LOUD team remained solid, managing to come back to more than respectable scores, missing two points by a small margin.

They went to get the 9-13 on Ascent. On Bind, they came back to the score, even taking the lead for a few rounds, before losing 12-14 in extra time. In the end, the match ended with Breeze. Once again, the Brazilians gave it their all to hold off their opponents. Although LOUD had another tough start, they eventually came out on top 12-11. Unfortunately for them, OpTic Gaming kept their composure until the end, going into overtime to finish at 14-12.

Both teams were effective, but this time the OpTic Gaming players were the stronger. As a result, they lift their first trophy of the year 2022.

Will they be able to repeat the feat during the next Masters? Suspense! Before that happens, the team will have to qualify again in the second Challengers.

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