OpTic Gaming and Paper Rex reach the final of the Upper Bracket - Copenhagen Masters 2

The Copenhagen Masters 2 playoffs began a few days ago and there have already been many twists and turns. OpTic Gaming and Paper Rex managed to qualify for the Upper Bracket Final. In addition, several teams are no longer in the competition and others, who were expected to win, have moved to the Lower Bracket.

Paper Rex outperforms Fnatic

This Saturday 17th July, Fnatic and Paper Rex played one of the most anticipated matches on the international scene, to determine which of them would go on to the Upper Bracket final. Both teams had emerged victorious from their respective Challengers 2, totally dominating the group phase and the playoffs. They were each the seed 1 in their region and so it was a battle of the titans for this semi-final. However, it was Paper Rex who came out on top, despite the fact that three of the Singaporean players had tested positive for covid-19 a few days earlier.

The first card of the meeting was Ascent. Fnatic opened the scoring by winning the pistol round and the following round but was soon overtaken by Paper Rex who then secured four rounds in a row with several triple kills by mindfreak, f0rsaken and Jinggg. At half time the score was 6-6 and the two teams were neck and neck. The second half was just as close, but the hard work of mindfreak on his Astra made the difference and the Paper Rexes won. 13-11 on this map.

On Bind, this time it was the Singaporeans who won the first two rounds, but they soon had to face a surge of aggression from their opponents, led by Alfajer's Viper. While the latter were leading 5-3, they were unable to maintain their lead and went into half-time at 5-7 thanks to the Yoru of f0rsaken who performed two triple kills in a row. Once the roles were exchanged, the rounds were once again very close and, despite some good action fromAlfajer and DerkeIn the end, it was the Paper Rexes who triumphed once again, 13-10.

They have thus secured their place in the Upper Bracket final, while Fnatic has switched to the Lower Bracket.

I definitely think we're in the right mindset to beat anyone that we go against. But I don't want the team to go in with the kind of mindset expecting to win against the team we're playing against. Priority number one is always that we go out and have fun, so we're just going to keep that same emphasis regardless of winning or losing. We're not really letting wins and losses affect the mindset that we bring.

Benkai - Captain of Paper Rex

OpTic Gaming sends DRX to Lower Bracket

The second semi-final was between DRX in Masters 1 champions, the OpTic Gaming. The two teams had already faced each other in the semi-final in Reykjavik in an intense and very close match that went to two extra times. This time things were very different as the first two cards were completed very quickly.

While North American players are usually very strong on Fracture, this time they were totally outclassed by their opponents. The Koreans took a very large lead in the first phase of the game and were leading 11-1 at half time, after several multikills from Zest and BuZz. Although OpTic Gaming won three rounds in the second phase of play, they were unable to catch up and DRX won by a landslide in 13 to 4.

On Breeze , the scenario was reversed and this time it was the Koreans who lost 4-13. OpTic won the first phase of the game by a large margin, 10-2, and did not give any opportunity to their opponents to come back to the score. A very good performance by yay on his Chamber, who led his teammates to victory.

Bind was the decisive card of the match. The North Americans secured the first two rounds and then brought the score to 5-3 with a Victor's ace. At half-time, they were leading 8-4. Once the DRX went on the defensive, they managed to win six rounds in a row to tie the game 10-10. However, OpTic Gaming finally closed the card by 13-11Thanks to yay and Marved who have particularly distinguished themselves on this map.

From the Lower Bracket

As for the Lower Bracket, two matches took place on Friday 16 July. FunPlus Phoenix faced Guild Esports and won the match 2-1, eliminating their opponent from the competition for good. XSET suffered the same fate, losing 1-2 to Leviatán.

The quarter-finals will be played on Monday 18th July from 5pm (CEST). Fnatic and Leviatán will open the hostilities and will be followed by the match between DRX and FunPlus Phoenix. All four teams will be vying for a place in the Lower Bracket semi-final.

Upper Bracket Quarter Finals

These are therefore OpTic Gaming and Paper Rex who will compete in the Upper Bracket Final for a place in the Grand Final. Will OpTic be able to defend their title and win this second Masters of the year? To find out, go to Friday 22nd July at 5pm (CEST) on the official Twitch channel of Valorant.

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