OpTic Gaming and DRX reach the playoffs - Valorant Champions

Since the middle of last week, the Valorant Champions has been thrilling fans around the world. The first team to qualify for the playoffs is none other than Leviatan, one of the best Brazilian rosters. Over the weekend, two other teams secured their ticket to the rest of the competition, namely DRX and OpTic Gaming.

LOUD loses to OpTic Gaming (2-1)

During its first game, Optic Gaming made a lot of noise. crashies was the focus of attention, thanks to a more than unlikely ace against BOOM Esports. Besides the crazy action, it was the scores that stood out. After a 16-18 defeat of Breeze, the roster won 13-5, then 13-3. LOUD won their match against ZETA Division without too much trouble.

The meeting between these two giants did not start well for OpTic Gaming. On Breeze, the roster soon found itself in trouble. The LOUD defence was extremely effective. Although the North Americans managed to plant the spike on several occasions, the Brazilians only conceded one round in the first half. After the changeover, OpTic tightened the score by winning 6 rounds in a row, but eventually lost 13-7.

On Fracture, the match was more competitive. OpTic won the first two rounds, but Sacy, who plays at LOUD, put a stop to their victories in round 3 with a 4K. LOUD then took over. Pancada followed in Sacy's footsteps, eliminating four opponents in round 5. Determined, Sacy struck again in the next set, with another 4K. At this point the score was 5-2. During the final period, OpTic dominated, and yay got the equalizer with a superb ace. LOUD quickly took the lead after the changeover, but the OpTic Gaming players didn't let it get to them. Trailing, 10-7, they managed to win over six successive rounds to take the map. Final score: 13-10.

Qualification for the playoffs came down to Pearl. On this last map, OpTic Gaming proved to be uncompromising. After failing in the first two rounds, the roster won the next five, lost another, and took the last four ones. The team started the second half with a comfortable lead: 9-3. It didn't take much longer for the game to end. After forty minutes of play, OpTic wins 13-3.

The win put the North Americans into the playoffs. The LOUDs, on the other hand, will have to defeat ZETA Division to continue in the tournament. The match will take place on 7th September at 7pm CEST.

A clean sweep for DRX

Used to international LANs, the South Korean DRX have started this Valorant Champions very well; even better, they have a perfect record so far.

FURIA Esports loses 2-0

The team first faced FURIA Esports, a very good Brazilian roster. Despite a final score of 2-0, the DRX players had time to doubt on Ascent. Indeed, their opponents won the first pistol-round and then the next seven rounds, leading 9-3 at the changeover. FURIA added three more points quickly, taking the pressure up a notch. At 12-4, victory seemed inevitable, but that was without counting on DRX's strong comeback. The Koreans were solid, and kept their composure until the end, winning one game after another. Rb made a crazy 4K to give his team extra time. During this period, both teams gave their all to win, as BuZz who also managed a 4K. After 1h26 of play, FURIA loses 16-14.

It took half the time on Haven. This time DRX won by a wide margin. The team owes this new victory in particular to BuZz and his Jett, who finished with a KDA of 24/7/0. In Defence, the roster conceded only four rounds, leading 8-4 at the changeover. Determined to finish it off, the Koreans went on a rampage in the second round, racking up five more wins to fold the map. Final score: 13 to 4.

As a result of this defeat, FURIA Esports finds itself in the hot seat. The team will face Fnatic this afternoon in an elimination match. DRX then met 100Thieves.

DRX remains unbeaten

Just after the match between DRX and FURIA, it was the players of 100Thieves who celebrated their first victory in this tournament, against Fnatic. Galvanised by their results of the previous day, both teams were ready to fight, despite the absence on stage of two American players who tested positive for COVID.

This new confrontation started on Breeze. DRX quickly took control, leading 7-2, thanks in part to a 4k from MaKo The interesting thing about professional matches is that they are rarely a foregone conclusion. So the 100Thieves won three extra points before the changeover. Switching to Attack, they managed to keep their Momentum, to take four more rounds. At the end of set 21, the roster finally led 12-9. Unfortunately for them, the DRX went for over time. It took 34rounds to decide between the two teams. 100Thieves lost 18-16.

Team DRX at Valorant Champions

On the second map of this match, Fracture, DRX set the tone in the first round, but 100Thieves didn't let it happen. Asuna hit a 4K in round 5, and gave his team a third point. He didn't know it yet, but this was the last win of the period. After that, DRX was indeed more than solid, winning seven successive points. After the changeover, the Americans rallied and were only two rounds behind at the end of the twentieth round. The counters were now at 11-9. The Koreans took no time in scoring the missing points and eventually won 13-9.

While DRX will join the playoffs, 100Thieves will have to beat the winner of the FURIA/Fnatic match to do the same.

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