OG LDN UTD and G2 Esports maintain their position in the EMEA LCQ

In the course of the fourth day of the EMEA CQL, Team Liquid and M3C have secured their place in the final of the top bracket. In the lower bracket, the last matches were played yesterday. G2 Esports edged out Natus Vincere, while OG LDN UTD eliminated Guild Esports. These two teams will now face off to determine who will advance to the LCQ Grand Final.

Natus Vincere leaves the EMEA LCQ

NaVi found itself in the lower bracket after losing to Team Liquid in the semi-finals. It was against G2 Esports that the team played its elimination match. While the roster performed well, they were outplayed in this match. G2 were effective when needed and eventually won 2-0.

They first fought on Bind, however, this was not without its difficulties. The three 3Ks ofAvovA on the first rounds, allowed G2 to get into the match. NaVi regained the lead, 3-2, before G2 Esports called a timeout. The break more than paid off for the team, who won four in a row, including an ace from Mixwell. While Natus Vincere is down 6-3, 7ssk7 plays a superb 4K to reduce the score difference a little. At the changeover, the two teams were neck and neck: 7-5 in favour of G2. The team kept its lead by taking the first two sets in defence. The end of the game was an alternation of wins and losses for both sides. After almost an hour and a half of play, G2 Esports wins this map. Final score: 13-10.

On Haven, the story is completely different. The G2s completely dominated their opponents, and folded the map in just thirty-four minutes. The pistol-round victory was only the first of a long series of eleven! No 4K or ace, but a monstrous defence. Particularly effective on retakes, they managed to defuse the six spikes planted. We salute the performance of Meddowho finished the card with a KDA of 18/8/5 with Killjoy. After the change, the roster wasted no time in picking up the two missing points and closed out this match. Final score: 13-3.

OG LDN UTD stands up to Guild Esports

For their first meeting, Guild Esports and OG LDN UTD found themselves in a critical situation: an elimination match, in a tournament offering a place in the Valorant Champions. And what a match it was! Neither team wanted to be left out in the cold.

The match was extremely close and intense. On the first map of this match, Breeze, overtime was necessary, and continued until the final score of 19-17 in favour of OG. The man of the match on the Guild side is well Sayf. In the first round, he enters a first 3K to open the score, then it's koldamenta which shines thanks to a superb 4K. The roster starts to get ahead, but OG have not said their last word, quite the contrary. From round 5 onwards, OG dominate and only concede one more round.

At the changeover, they led 8-4. The roster extended its lead with three more wins. At 11-4, victory seemed close, but that was without counting on the return in force of Guild Esports. The team managed to put on a good show in Attack and won eight rounds in a row. They almost won the map, but OG went for the extra time.

The first period of extra time ended with OG winning, then Guild, then OG, then Guild etc. In the second game, Sayf placed a second 4K, but in the end it was OG LDN UTD who did it. You already know the score!

The two rosters then took on Haven. Once again, Guild took the lead, but was soon caught up. The difference this time was that the team managed to regain the lead. At the changeover, the two teams are neck and neck, 7-5. After the changeover, the tension rises, and the potential of the players is revealed even more. Molsi gets two very nice 4K, and trexx would manage to take down four opponents once, too. The first half of this period was close, but OG's win in set 19 signalled the end for Guild. Indeed, OG took the next five rounds and eventually won. Final score: 13-10.

All the final matches will take place during the weekend. You can find the schedule and timetable on our global follow-up article on the EMEA CQM. M3C will face Team Liquid, while G2 Esports will try to get revenge on OG LDN UTD.

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