More streams for the VCT EU

Upcoming tournaments of the Valorant Champions Tour EU will be easier to follow! Starting next week, Riot Games will offer Valorant fans streams on new Twitch channels to follow the VCT EU..

Until now, only the very last stages of the Challengers were broadcast. As a result, it was impossible to get a comprehensive view of the European scene, as only a very small sample of the games played was shown. This also meant that teams like G2 Esports or Team Liquid, who have not qualified for a while, disappeared from the radar altogether.

Starting on 12th April, the Valorant Esport EU will broadcast the final qualifying round of the Main Event. Voting will take place on the official Twitter account of the European circuit so that viewers can choose the matches they want to see.

But that's not all, as this stream will now be complemented by partner commentators. Commentators selected by Riot Games will have the right to comment on the matches of their choice, on their personal channels. Some will comment as a duo, others solo.

Partner commentators:

This is a first step towards a possible authorization of competition co-streaming. In the US, some streamers are allowed to broadcast and comment on the VCT NA in their own way. This strategy works extremely well there and it's not unusual to see influencers like Shroud having over 80,000 viewers, even more than the official broadcast. Perhaps this method will be extended to the European circuit one day?

We mentioned this in our first review of the Challengers of Phase 1, but the VCT measures for the different regions are all different. Since then, the EU VCT has improved a lot, with better image quality, a more readable interface and a format that is easier to understand for everyone. These new feeds are another step in the right direction to improve the exposure of the European scene.

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