Last Chance Qualifier EMEA matches and results

The VCT 2022 will soon come to an end as the Valorant Champions will take place in early September. As in the previous edition, the 16 best teams in the world will compete for glory. Most of them qualified rosters are already known, but there are still a few slots available. These available slots will be allocated via the Last Chance Qualifier in the different regions of the world. The EMEA region has three places in total, including one via the LCQ.

Please refer to the following article to find all teams qualified for the EMEA CQL.

The Last Chance Qualifier EMEA format

For this competition, the teams will be divided into a double elimination bracket. All matches will be BO3, with the exception of the Grand Final which will be a BO5.

Format of the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA 2022

All match results

The first match will be held on Sunday 7th August at 4pm, and will pit G2 Esports against OG LDN UTD. This section will be updated as the games are played. In addition, you will be able to find our different recaps for more details on the games.

Upper bracket matches

Sunday 7th August (4pm CEST)Quarter final #1G2 Esports0 - 2OG LDN UTD
Sunday 7th August (7pm CEST)Quarter final #2M3 Champions2 - 1Acend
Monday 8th August (4pm CEST)Quarter final #3Team Liquid2 - 0BBL Esports
Monday 8th August (7pm CEST)Quarter-final #4Guild Esports1 - 2Natus Vincere
Wednesday 10th August (4pm CEST)Semi-final #1OG LDN UTD1 - 2M3 Champions
Wednesday 10th August (7pm CEST)Semi-final #2Team Liquid2 - 0Natus Vincere

Lower bracket matches

Tuesday 9th August (4pm CEST)Round 1 - #1G2 Esports2 - 1Acend
Tuesday 9th August (7pm CEST)Round 1 - #2BBL Esports0 - 2Guild Esports
Thursday 11th August (4pm CEST)Round 2 - #1G2 Esports2 - 0Natus Vincere
Thursday 11th August (7pm CEST)Round 2 - #2Guild Esports0 - 2OG LDN UTD
Saturday 13th August (5pm CEST)Round 3G2 Esports2 - 0OG LDN UTD

The final stages of the CQL

Saturday 13th August (2pm CEST)Upper bracket finalTeam Liquid1 - 2M3 Champions
Saturday 13th August (8pm CEST)Lower bracket finalTeam Liquid2 - 1G2 Esports
Sunday 14th August (4pm CEST)Grand FinalM3 Champions1 - 3Team Liquid

All matches will be broadcast live. If you wish to follow the competition, please visit VALORANT's Twitch channel.

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