VCT 2022 – Slots distribution

Recently, Riot Games made official the number of slots available in the Masters and the upcoming Valorant Champions. All regions will be represented and some will get more slots depending on the number of players they have and their level.

Slots for the Masters

This year, the format of the VCT is a little different than last year, but still retains the same main events during the season including the Masters. During this edition of the Champions Tour, teams from different regions will be able to compete in 2 Masters events instead of 3 previously.

Until now, the slots available for these two events had not been revealed. The studio has now released the slots allocated to each region; 12 teams will compete.
There have been some changes in the distribution of slots. At the Berlin Masters the regions EMEA and NA had 4 and 3 slots respectively; each region has been stripped of one slot in favour of other regions.

The Brasil and LATAM region will get one slot each and will compete for a third place. The Korea and Japan region will be represented withone slot each. Finally,South East Asia gets 2 slots, including Oceania and South Asia. For the latter, qualification for the Masters will be via the APAC playoffs.


Slots for the Valorant Champions 2022

In addition, we now know the slots allocated to the regions for the Valorant Champions 2022. There will be 16 teams that will compete for the title of World Champion 2022. As in the previous year, teams will be awarded VCT points based on their results in the various events. Places will again be up for grabs in the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ). Also, the second Masters of the year will automatically offer a place to the winning team. Overall, the slot distribution remains unchanged.

However, there are some changes in the Last Chance Qualifiers. InSouth America, namely LATAM + Brazil, will have two slots instead of one. The LCQ APAC format is changing ; for this last chance, the region will be divided into 2 groups: North (Korea and Japan) and South (South Asia, South East Asia and Oceania).


With the inclusion of the last two in future official games, namely Chamber and Neon, we look forward to seeing how professional players will manage to leverage their abilities to shake up the current meta.

While waiting for the first Masters, teams from all over the world will have to prove their worth and try to get their place through the Phase 1 Challengers. The regions Latin America and South East Asia will open the tournament on 10th February . Players from NA and EMEA will start the tournament on 11th and Brazil on 12th. We'll have to wait 23rd and 26th February to see players from Korea and Japan start this first Challengers.

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