Masters 3: the first international tournament of Valorant

The third Valorant Masters is expected to be the first international tournament of Valorant. At least, that's what was quietly announced in the presentation video of the first European Valorant Masters.

Due to the global pandemic, Riot Games was uncertain whether it would be able to host international tournaments before the Valorant Champions in December 2021. It would appear that organisers are now more optimistic, as they are now hoping to bring the players from all around the world together in September 2021.

As a reminder, the Valorant Masters have always been intended to be international tournaments. The health crisis forced Riot Games to revisit plans and turn them into local tournaments, online. The winners of Masters 1 and 2 from each region will therefore earn points in the hope of qualifying for the Valorant Champions.

Masters 3 : Premier tournoi international

In the more specific case of Europe, there will be a preliminary tournament for Masters 3: the Valorant Challengers EMEA. The winners of the third round of Valorant challengers from Europe, Middle-East and Africa will have to compete for places to participate in the Masters 3.

It's not yet clear which region of the world the players should be in. It's easy to imagine the difficulty that it will represent to bring together players from all over the world in one place, when each country applies different restrictions at borders.

Let's also keep in mind that the situation could still change between now and September. So let's try to balance our excitement. The prospect of finally seeing the big teams from each region compete against each other remains encouraging.

Masters 3 : le premier tournoi international de Valorant - valorant champions tour esports meta -

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