LOUD loses to DRX in Valorant Champions 2023

Players of LOUD and DRX took to the stage of the Valorant Champions 2023after the intense confrontation between Team Liquid and Natus Vincere. This first match set the tone for the competition, and the spectators were not disappointed by the second clash of the tournament. Here's a recap of the match, which resulted in Korean victory.

The last time LOUD and DRX met was back in March. The two teams came face to face during the Lock In Brasil semi-final. We still remember that epic match, finally won by the reigning World Champions.

Needless to say, the Koreans were probably out for revenge, especially as DRX had won no fewer than seven successive opening matches in a major international tournament before starting this new competition!

Lotus, a long-running battle

Was the fate of the LOUD cars already decided? Possibly... The Brazilians quickly got the better of Lotus and secured a slight lead. However, DRX quickly got back into the game thanks to the incredible action of cauanzine. At the changeover, the tables completely turned: the Koreans went from being behind to leading. At this stage, the counters read 7-5 in favour of DRX.

Like a reminder of the first period, DRX found themselves in trouble again at the start of the side, so much so that LOUD regained the upper hand at the end of the seventeenth round. Very aggressive, much more so than usual, the DRX players regained the lead for a while, but were unable to finish. Their opponents jumped at the chance and took the lead. overtime.

After two unsuccessful attempts, DRX won a first pistole-round, but the pressure was on when LOUD won the next round and the one after that. It took no less than twenty-eight rounds to determine the winner of this first card, and after around an hour and twenty minutes of play, the Brazilians came out on top 15-13.

Split, DRX back in the running

With 100% wins in five matches during the VCT Pacific, compared to 57% in seven matches in the Americas League, it is not surprising that the DRX have selected Split for the rest of the match. The match got off to a good start for the Koreans, particularly for stax, who took down three opponents with a pistol-round. The euphoria was short-lived, however, as LOUD won the next round and the one after that.

These two successive defeats could have been dramatic for the Koreans, but that was without counting on their perseverance and the fact that they were able to win. they levelled the scores with a sixth-inning save. Thanks to two further victories in the following rounds, they amassed enough credits to be financially stable. They were then so effective that LOUD didn't have a chance to plant the Spike on three occasions. At the end of the twelfth round, DRX led 8-5.

The duel between MaKo and Less in the next pistol-round ended in victory for DRX, who took advantage to extend his lead a little further. The Brazilians didn't give up and managed to pick up two more points. Nonetheless, MaKo's clutch in round eighteen will prove fateful. LOUD is forced to spend the rest of her savings to try and stand up to her opponent in the next round; but, under-armed, her efforts are in vain.

Ascent, no holds barred

The game on Acent began with a completely crazy round. Like a ninja, Rb sneaked onto the site to shoot down the LOUD players who were trying to protect the Spike. Tuyz, the last survivor of the massacre, managed to take MaKo down before delivering a fatal stab to Rb. Unfortunately for him, the stab came a few tenths of a second too late - the Spike had just been defused. Three rounds later, with the Brazilians back in the lead, it was Zest that shineseliminating four players on his own.

There was no doubt that this was the last card of the match. The show went on, with a masterful clutch from Less to get the equaliser. It was Brazil's last victory of the first half, but not the last of the game. After being outplayed by the Koreans on four occasions, LOUD's players won the second pistol-round of the game to make it three wins on the trot. Aspas was obviously no stranger to success. We'll leave you to admire the duelist's efficiency!

At the end of the sixteenth inning, the two teams are level again. With four defeats in a row, DRX has fallen well behind economically. And in Valorant, credit is the lifeblood of the game! Determined to win, they didn't give up and flew to victory.

The match ended as it had begun, with a crazy round ! In round nineteen, the two teams were quickly reduced to three players as the spike was planted. BuZz dies under cauanzin's bullets, then comes Zest's turn, who falls under Saadhak's fire. Eyes then turn to RbKorea's last hope. With just seconds to go before the Spike exploded, he held his nerve and picked off the Brazilians one by one to give his team victory.

As the DRX coach explained in the post-match interview, the Korean team has chosen to revise its style of play to be more aggressive. For the moment, this choice seems to be working... but will they succeed? a first international title?

Before DRX can consider lifting the Valorant Champions 2023 trophy, it will have to beat NaViin a match that will determine which of the two will come out on top in Group D, in finewho will have to prove herself in the Decider Match.

Despite the defeat, and without too many surprises, aspas was named best player of the game. He and his team-mates will have another chance to shine, as they face off against Team Liquidwho lost to Natus Vincere.