LOUD eliminated from the Tokyo 2023 Masters

The Brazilians of LOUD are going through some dark times... despite recently winning the Americas League, the current World Champions were eliminated early of the Tokyo 2023 Masters. Less and his acolytes were first killed by American bullets. of Evil Geniuses before losing out to the Chinese team EDward Gaming.

LOUD lose to Evil Genuises

LOUD is not a team born of the last tournament. With an appearance at the two VCT 2022 Masters, a victory at the Valorant Champions the same year, and second place at Lock In Sao PauloThey are without doubt one of the best teams in the world. More recently, the Brazilian team dominated the Americas League regular season before claiming victory in the Grand Final. In doing so, aspas, Less, Saadhak, cauanzin and tuyz have gone straight into the play-offs at the Tokyo Masters. For a team of this calibre, we might have expected the first matches in this tournament to be a formality. However, the reality was very different, and unexpected to say the least. Not only did the team lost its opening match to Evil GeniusesNot only that, it was a heavy defeat.

They selected Fracture as their first battleground. Despite their numerical superiority, Less and his comrades lost the pistol-round. This first defeat inevitably led to a second. The Brazilian team could have taken advantage of the bonus-round to finally get back into the game... but it was not to be: LOUD are totally subdued by their opponents. Evil Geniuses was effective and once again demonstrated their ability to read their opponents' game plans, so much so that at the changeover they were leading 9-3. The situation was a little less alarming on the attack for LOUD, but the Brazilians were still not really up to the task and ended up losing 7-13.

At this stage, the mental reset was necessary to come back stronger on Ascent. With 88% of victories on this map in the Americas league, LOUD didn't choose it at random. Despite a very difficult start, we gradually found the players we'd been waiting to see. Brazil's game plan looks better honedBut the collective performances were more interesting and hit the mark. Tuyz was very good and managed to save the day on several occasions. With five points on the board, the first half was less difficult to take. But not everything is perfect yet They still lost several rounds when the Spike was in place and the situation was in their favour.

Until then, victory was still a possibility. However, the switch to defence quickly put an end to any hopes of victory; is decadence... The Brazilians find themselves in economic difficulties after a third consecutive defeat. As a result, they have been forced to play with a limited arsenal, which means they are no match for their opponents. The game ended 5-13..

During the post-match interview, fRoDLOUD's coach was quick to acknowledge the superiority of the North American team. It was a fitting revenge for the team that lost to the Brazilians in the final of the VCT Americas top bracket.

In the end, I think we have to give them credit. We came in with a good game plan and they played with a lot of confidence, hitting all their shots, with very good use of the Agents' abilities. Regardless of what we would have done, I have the impression that they've arrived in top form at the moment.

fRoD - LOUD's coach

EDward Gaming eliminates LOUD for good

LOUD was sent down to the bottom bracket, where she would soon face EDward Gaming... EDward Gaming's players are a bit like... the rookies of this Masters Tokyo. But they are unstoppable! In the previous round, they beat Natus Vincere, then got their revenge on T1 to secure their playoff slot. Unsurprisingly, all eyes were on them when they took on LOUD in the lower bracket play-off.

The two teams first set off on Lotus. And the least we can say is that the LOUDs have completely suffered from the Chinese attacks. As usual, EDward Gaming created a surprise and played the card surprisingly well. And then some, nobody, Smoggy, ZmjjKK, CHICHOO and Haodong were as effective as ever in shooting and missed very few duels. Even when the Louds were well positioned, they still managed to win. At the end of the first half, the Chinese were leading 8-4.

The Brazilians also failed to impose their attacking style and even lost the second set despite being well armed. With a weakened economy, the rest of the match was very complicated, especially as the Nobody and ZmjjKK It clicked hard - they finished with a KDA of 22/11/4 and 20/12/4 respectively. LOUD lost 13-6.

LOUD finds herself in the worst possible scenario and has no room for error. She absolutely must take FractureIf they don't, they'll be out of the tournament for good. And the Brazilians understand that!

After a difficult start to the game, they finally managed to set the pace, and then showed all the talent we know about them. They quickly drew level and took the lead and dominated the rest of the first half. LOUD kept their Momentum after the change to increase the lead a little more. Unfortunately for them, their domination was short-lived.

The Chinese have their own very unpredictable style, with calm moments at the start of rounds, but also extremely aggressive and unexpected phases. Operator in hand, prodigy ZmjiKK doesn't hesitate to charge into the pack to put the pressure on... a strategy that paid off and destabilised the Brazilians on more than one occasion.

Leading 5-9 at the end of the fourteenth set, EDG turns the match on its head from the next round onwards. Buoyed by CHICHOO, they went from strength to strength, to the extent that LOUD only managed to win one more point. The Champions lose 10-13And for the first time, the LOUDs are leaving an international tournament without winning a single card.

With this latest victory, which will go down in history, EDward Gaming continues to write its name in Valorant history. The Chinese team must now beat Paper Rex to reach the third round of the lower bracket.