LOUD eliminates Team Liquid from the Valorant Champions 2023

After a defeat by DRX, LOUD is sent directly to the play-off against Team LiquidNatus Vincere. The stakes were high, as the winners would still have a chance of taking part in the play-offs. Much to Team Liquid's dismay, the Brazilians came out on top. LOUD won 2-0without too much difficulty.

A no match on Haven

When the match kicks off, everyone is expecting an intense and particularly close encounter. Remember that the two teams facing each other have won their respective leagues, Team Liquid being the only team to do so. the only team to beat Fnatic this season.

However, Team Liquid's supporters were soon to be disappointed as the rounds went by on Haven. The efforts of Jamppi, nAts, soulcas, Redgar and Sayf were in vain, despite attempts to attack C, B and even site A. There's no denying it: LOUD is definitely better prepared and much more effective, even in a retake situation.

The reigning world champions, who were left the Tokyo Masters without winning anythingThey were a completely different proposition. Their excellent team play and the individual performances of several of their players were enough to see them through. It has to be said that Lesswho was unstoppable with his Killjoy, racked up no fewer than 15 kills and only 5 fatalities in the first half. With multiple kills, including a superb quadrakill handle 8So it's hardly surprising that it finished this phase with a rating of 1.92.

In addition, the Viper/Harbor combo proved more than effective. The almost continuous walls of poison or water throughout the rounds offered the LOUD a good way to rotate, to take up space without betraying their position or to stop opposing pushes dead in their tracks. Even if Saadhak (Viper) didn't especially score an impressive number of eliminations, he is one of the most influential Brazilian players in the competitionHe's done a brilliant job of running Site C.

The difficulties encountered by Team Liquid are very probably linked to lack of cohesion which was evident in their game most of the time, but also to the fact that the team didn't hesitate to arm themselves to the teeth in every set, despite a weak economy. The European giant succeeded in take two points, but they were the only ones of the game.

Where Team Liquid didn't go on the attack, LOUD manages to infiltrate siteAnd, unlike Team Liquid, they make it happen. And, unlike Team Liquid, they made it happen. The Brazilians won for a second time on the bonus round and ended this first map with a score of 13 to 2.

Team Liquid, eliminated from Valorant Champions

This elimination match continued on Splitmap selected by Team Liquid. With six wins and a single defeat during the VCT EMEA, this choice was more than judicious. All the more so because on this map, LOUD only displays 57% victory in seven matches during the VCT Americas.

And indeed, Team Liquid proved to be much more comfortable and prepared. Despite LOUD winning the first few heats, Soulcas and his mates didn't give up: they even managed to break their opponents' Momentum. Of course, the duo Tuyz/cauanzin continues to hurt, and keeps LOUD in the lead, but the triple kill from Redgar in run 8, the clutch of Jamppi round 11 and the triple elimination of Sayf to the next, but the damage was amply limited. This time, the first half ended in a draw.

For the first time in the match, Team Liquid takes the lead thanks to two new victories after the change. Nonetheless, LOUD remains much better once armed. Even under pressure, when Team Liquid tries last-second pushes, the Brazilian defences remain solid. Tuyzwith its Astra takes up a lot of space in the garage on site B and hinders the enemy's advance all over the map.

Aspas and his allies soared to victory, winning seven successive legs to finally claim the title. 13 to 8 and bring the match to an end.

This latest defeat was fatal for Team Liquid, who are out of the competition for good. LOUD, meanwhile, can still hope for a back-to-back. In a bid to win a new World Champions titlethe Brazilian team must first of all defeat Natus Vincere at the next match.