LOUD crushes EDG to qualify for Masters Madrid playoffs

After a loss to Gen.G and a win over FunPlus Phoenix, LOUD has just won his slot for the playoffs of the Masters Madrid, by crushing EDG. The Brazilians led the way brilliantly, winning two maps to nil in less than an hour and a half.

LOUD wins on Icebox

The first match of the day saw a spectacle that was as fascinating as it was frightening. LOUD dominated the server with ease. On Icebox, the Brazilian team produced an almost faultless performance during the first half, racking up nine wins in a row after - logically - losing the bonus round! And after the changeover, it wasn't long before the game was over, with a score of 13 to 2.

LOUD vs EDG - Scores Map 1
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Less, cauanzin, saadhak, tuyz and Quick were all on their feet!

Another game quick

It's rare to see a team stomp another team at this level of competition, but it's still possible to see a team stomp another team at this level of competition. unlikely to witness two successive massacres. But that's exactly what happened in this match.

LOUD vs EDG - Scores Map 2
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In defense, LOUD played his retakes intelligentlyAs a result, they conceded just three points. After the changeover, the Chinese seemed switched off and made a series of mistakes. In no time at all, EDG were on the losing side. 13-3.

This time, the game was played so quickly, not least because quick was determined to get it over with. Phoenix in hand, the Brazilian set the pace in both defence and attack. At the end of the sixteen rounds, he has an excellent KDA (24 kills, 7 kills and 3 assists), and an equally impressive rating (1,98).

While LOUD joins Gen.G and Sentinels for the play-offs, the adventure ends there for EDG. The second play-off match of the day sees Karmine Corp take on Paper Rex. If you want to follow the match live, go to Valorant's Twitch channel.