LOUD and Team Liquid qualify for playoffs - Valorant Champions

The Valorant Champions resumed with the penultimate day of the group stage after a short break. On the seventh day of competition, four teams took to the stage for crucial matches. The first match ended with Paper Rex being eliminated by Team Liquid. In the second, LOUD crushed ZETA Division to secure their playoff spot. Two slots are still up for grabs. All the qualified teams for the rest of the tournament will be determined at the end of the day, as the last matches take place today.

Jamppi aka Master Chamber

After their defeat against the Leviatans, Team Liquid eliminated EDward Gaming to stay in the tournament. Paper Rex won their opening match, but lost to Leviatan. These two rosters met yesterday afternoon to determine the second qualifier from Group A.

The battle was intense to say the least. It took three cards to decide between the two teams, and in the end it was Team Liquid that won 2-1. The performance of Jamppi, who greatly contributed to his team's victory. The Finnish player finished the match with a KDA of 65/42/8. He set the tone in the first few rounds on Haven, with a 4K in rounds 3 and 6. Buoyed by this, Team Liquid won the 15-13.

The roster then suffered a heavy defeat, 13-4 on Pearl. Paper Rex was very effective on Attack, before totally dominating on Defence. Despite this, the Europeans kept their heads up. On Ascent, they showed great execution and conceded only four sets in Defence. In the end, Team Liquid won the map 13 to 8. This victory opened the doors to the playoffs, much to the delight ofan undercover fan...

A deserved qualification

The other match of the day was between LOUD and ZETA Divisions, to determine the last qualified team in group B. This match had an air of déjà vu about it... And that's normal! The two rosters had played each other at the opening match, which resulted in a victory for LOUD.

The Brazilians aspas, pancada and Less were particularly effective throughout the game. Despite this, the fight on Bind was very close. At the end of the twenty-second round, the two teams were tied, but LOUD won in the end 13-11. Brazilian supremacy was unquestionable on Ascent. While ZETA Division won five points in Defence, they did not manage to take a single round in Attack. LOUD won six times after the changeover to win the map, 13 to 5.

FunPlus Phoenix, KRU Esports, 100Thieves and Fnatic will battle for the final playoff spots. The first two teams will face each other today at 4pm CEST. The return match between 100Thieves and Fnatic will take place shortly afterwards, at around 7pm CEST. This match promises to be epic!

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