LOUD vs Gen.G, An Intense Match - LOCK//IN Sao Paulo

The third day of LOCK//IN Sao Paulo ended with the victory of LOUD against Gen.G, to the delight of Brazilian fans. If the reigning World Champions did indeed emerge victorious from this match 2 to 0, the Koreans did not let themselves be overawed and even sowed doubts throughout the evening. A look back at this electric match.

For their first match in the LOCK//IN Sao Paulo, Gen.G faced the reigning world champions, the Brazilian team LOUD. The roster consists of excellent players, but has changed somewhat since the last Valorant Champions, pANcada and Sacy having been recruited by Sentinels.

If LOUD started as favourites, both on paper and in the hearts of the fans present in the hall, they had to confirm their supremacy in the eyes of the world. And the least we can say is that victory was not easy to achieve.

Turnaround on Pearl

Pearl's image - Valorant

First, the Brazilians chose to face the Koreans on Pearl. A choice that pays off at the beginning of the game. aspas and cauanzin chain eliminations and the team's defence is holding on. After four rounds, Gen.G was down 4-0. However, after a strategic break, the Koreans came back into the game, winning no less than seven successive rounds.

Doubt was setting in for the Brazilian side as LOUD were two points behind at side change. The pressure is turned up a notch when Secret succeeded in a tour de force, stopping the invasion of Site B at the second pistol-round.

LOUD then concedes a final point, before going on to win more and more. cauanzin was imperial and at the end of the eighteenth round, ex-champions equalise. The counters then read 8-8. The reserves of credits were dwindling on the Korean side as the losses went on, making counterattacks difficult, so that LOUD eventually won 13 to 9.

Despite the defeat, Gen.G did not lose out and can even claim to have put the best team in the world to difficulty. Some might call it a fluke, but the Koreans showed even more resilience in the rest of the match.

Going into overtime on Fracture

Fracture image - Valorant

With a little more 70% of Fracture wins, it is no wonder that Gen.G selected this map as the second battlefield. The Korean team managed to take the first three rounds. Nevertheless, LOUD regained the ascendancy thanks to eight consecutive wins.

Brazil's victory was gradually taking shape, but this was without counting on the unfailing determination of their opponents. Several triple eliminations by TS, eKo and Meteor put Gen.G back in the game. Gen.G equalized in round 17, before completely dominating the rest of the period. In round twenty-two, LOUD was one point away from defeat.

In a final mental effort, aspas gets a triple elimination in the next round. Galvanised by this victory and the crowd, LOUD made it to overtime. Finally, the game ends with a score of 14 to 12, this was done in favour of the Brazilians, to the frenetic applause of the fans!

Not without difficulty, LOUD is still in the competition and will face Karmine Corp on 17th February. Gen.G will return home early, but will still have shown good chances. There is no doubt that they will succeed in becoming one of the best teams in the Pacific League.

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