LOCK//IN São Paulo: Pacific Teams Update

All three regional leagues: EMEA, Americas and Pacific will be represented at LOCK//IN Brazil, the first international event of the year. This tournament will host 32 teams during the month of February, the opportunity for us to make a summary of the participants. After presenting the European teams, we will present the 12 teams of the Pacific League.

Thanks to the opening of the circuit to the Asia-Pacific regions, many structures have appeared on the international scene. With a strong following of their communities, they have also been surprisingly successful in challenging the best American and European teams.

These 12 teams are not alike and offer a diversity in their approach to the game. Having played locally and regionally, this tournament will allow them to test themselves against new opponents. Sometimes aggressive, sometimes defensive, the Asian teams will be able to measure themselves against the other teams of the world and to evaluate their level during the LOCK//IN Brazil.

The Pacific teams

DetonatioN FM - DRX - EDward Gaming - FunPlus Phoenix - Gen.G - Global Esports
Paper Rex - Rex Regum Qeon - T1 - Talon Esports - Team Secret - ZETA DIVISION

LOCK IN São Paulo: Pacific Team Update - Detonation FocusMe 1 -

DetonatioN FM

DetonatioN FM started on Valorant in 2020 by participating in several regional tournaments. This Japanese team had a difficult start in VCT and the team went through a one-year hiatus due to numerous player departures.

In 2022, it resumed its activity by launching a brand new roster. Former players from ZETA DIVISION, considered the best Japanese structure, joined the team: Reita and takej. Seoldam is added to this roster and acts as a second duelist to the composition. The team now wants to be more aggressive, but it remains very unvaried on its agents.

First opponent : Giants Gaming - 13th February

LOCK IN São Paulo: Update on Pacific teams - DRX -


This young Korean structure joined the VCT last year and is now considered the best team in the Pacific region. After numerous victories in Challengers and more than honourable results in Masters, DRX won the 3rd place in the Valorant Champions 2022, a remarkable and remarked entry.

Since this impressive performance, the Korean 100% team has strengthened its roster by recruiting Foxy9, another duellist to accompany Rb. Its track record and recent victories make it one of the favourites in its league for the LOCK//IN.

First opponent : BBL Esports - 14th February

LOCK IN São Paulo: Pacific teams update - EDG -

EDward Gaming

After two years of training in local tournaments, EDward Gaming has entered the VCT 2022 as the almost sole representative of China. Indeed, China did not officially open up to Valorant until the end of 2022. This is why Chinese teams were able to participate in the last phase of the VCT. Unfortunately, EDward Gaming may not have been sufficiently prepared and their journey ended early during the Valorant Champions 2022.

The invitation to the LOCK//IN São Paulo gives EDward Gaming the opportunity to participate again in a tournament of this magnitude and to correct the situation.

First opponent : 100 Thieves - 24th February

LOCK IN São Paulo: Pacific team update - FunPlus Phoenix 1 -

FunPlus Phoenix

Just like EDward Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix is a Chinese structure that could not develop in its region when Valorant was launched. But it did not want to wait to place itself in the sporting landscape and recruited a European team. After failing to win the VCT 2021, the team made a name for itself the following year by winning the Copenhagen Masters as well as by reaching the 4th place of the Valorant Champions.

Since this superb performance, the roster has gone to Natus Vincere, a major European structure. Following this acquisition, FunPlus Phoenix took over the entire roster of ZHUQUE. This transfer window has changed the whole picture for the future of FunPlus Phoenix and now its future results are in the hands of this new formation. Will FunPlus Phoenix be able to grow this regional team during these VCT 2023?

First opponent : Karmine Corp - 14th February

LOCK IN São Paulo: Pacific teams update - GenG 1 -


Present since the beginning of the Valorant competitive scene, Gen.G managed to stay in the VCT 2021, but ended up being eliminated before reaching the Valorant Champions. After this failure, Gen.G has faced many departures and changes in its roster. An instability that got the better of this team in 2022.

Since then, Gen.G has taken over its recruitment and has completely overhauled its active roster. This new team is built around its captain, TS, but also Meteor, a popular Chamber main in South Korea. Let's hope the team is now ready to face last year's World Champions.

First opponent : LOUD - 14th February

LOCK IN São Paulo: Pacific teams update - Global Esports 1 -

Global Esports

Indian structure present since August 2020, Global Esports began by participating in numerous third-party tournaments. The team quickly made a name for itself in 2021 by winning over 20 competitions, including the Valorant Conquerors Championship. However, the team failed to keep up with the other teams once it entered the official circuit, both in 2021 and 2022.

Since its last disqualification in the VCT, Global Esports decided to double its workforce and recruited 5 new players from the Asian region. The team is now composed of 10 active players, a choice taken on board by the organisation, which wishes to highlight the Indian and Indonesian talents. Depending on the upcoming matches, the roster could be modified accordingly. A strategy that could pay off, or conversely, be unfavourable against much better defined teams.

First opponent : Team Vitality - 23rd February

LOCK IN São Paulo: Pacific team update - Paper Rex 1 -

Paper Rex

Based in Singapore, Paper Rex launched its team in 2020. After good performances during the 2021 Challengers, the team was quickly eliminated at the Berlin Masters and was withdrawn from the circuit.

Since then, the team has worked on its roster by integrating Jinggg. A new player who brought a new dynamic and allowed Paper Rex a series of very good results in the Challengers and Masters during the 2022 VCT. The team eventually reached the Valorant Champions, a first for them. However, they didn't win any games against the other teams in their pool and ended up being eliminated before reaching the playoffs.

In response to these failures and to complete its pool of agents, Paper Rex opts again for recruitment: Cigarettes. Will this make a difference to its last results? To be continued.

First opponent : Cloud9 - 15th February

LOCK IN São Paulo: Pacific team update - Rex Regum Qeon 1 -

Rex Regum Qeon

A real sports UFO, Rex Regum Qeon launched its team in 2022 after two years of instability in its roster.

Upon its arrival in VCT 2022, Rex Regum Qeon was quickly eliminated from the official circuit. Again, the structure recruited 5 new players, Emman, EJAY, Tehbotol, fl1pzjder and Lmemore. A brand new line-up that had to make do with tournaments off-season to train.

The habit of Rex Regum Qeon to regularly change its roster indicates the instability of the team. A habit that could well be lacking at the VCT 2023. Moreover, let us not forget that the structure was selected for the 2023 VCT thanks to its fan-base very important in the Pacific and not for its performance in tournaments.

First opponent : FUT Esports - 23rd February

LOCK IN São Paulo: Pacific Team Update - T1 1 -


From 2021 onwards, the team found it difficult to keep up and was eventually disqualified from the VCT. After the scandal , during the VCT 2022 Challengers, the team had to fall back on off-season tournaments to train for the next edition of the next VCT season. As the year progressed, the team's roster evolved until it stabilised in October 2022.

With a lower level than most of the teams present at the LOCK//IN, T1 will have to outdo itself if it hopes to stand up to its rivals and improve its image.

First opponent : FURIA Esports 25th February

LOCK IN São Paulo: Pacific teams update - Talon Esports 1 -

Talon Esports

As soon as it arrived, Talon Esports went directly to the VCT 2022 Philippines Challengers. However, without any previous experience, the team did not manage to stay in the official circuit.

After their defeat, Talon Esports won two off-season tournaments and announced its new full roster in October. This new team was able to showcase itself in a tournament against 3 other teams from the region: DRX, Gen.G and ZETA DIVISION. After a victory against ZETA DIVISION, the team unfortunately did not manage to win against DRX, one of the best teams in the region. The team finished 2nd of the tournament, an encouraging result for the 2023 season.

The LOCK//IN will be an opportunity for them to face different styles of play than usually found in their region. If Talon Esports wants to overtake DRX, it will have to win against teams from other leagues. This will be an opportunity for them to test themselves and learn from their mistakes for the rest of the VCT 2023.

First opponent : MIBR - 15th February

LOCK IN São Paulo: Pacific teams update - Secret 1 -

Team Secret

With only two tournament appearances, Team Secret was included in the Valorant Champions 2021, a boon for this young team. However, they ended up losing toAcend, the future champions, in quarter-final. A defeat, but still an exceptional performance for this young team.

Since the elimination, Team Secret has recruited Jremy, a former DR Esports player. A recruitment that was not enough to make the difference during the 2022 Challengers. After the departure of witz, two new players have joined the roster: invy and lenne. Hopefully these acquisitions will allow Team Secret to perform again.

First opponent : Team Liquid - 22nd February

LOCK IN São Paulo: Update on Pacific teams - Zeta Division -


Famous Japanese team, ZETA DIVISION rolled over the competition in 2020. However, its result at the Berlin Masters did not allow the team to qualify for the Valorant Champions, a disappointment after such a successful run. Afterwards, thanks to its efforts, ZETA DIVISION made it to the Valorant Champions 2022. The team faced LOUD in the group stage and unfortunately ZETA DIVISION was eliminated before reaching the playoffs.

After this second disappointment, the team decided to work on its current roster and integrate barce, a new player as a substitute. A job that has so far not paid off in its recent games against Fnatic and DRX. The LOCK//IN could give the opportunity to ZETA DIVISION to take its revenge on its former adversaries, imagining that it manages to defeat its first opponent.

First opponent : Leviatán - 23rd February

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