LOCK//IN Brazil Follow Up: Planning, Results, Teams, Format...

The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 is marked by an unprecedented event in the history of Valorant. Named LOCK//IN Brazil, this first tournament of the year brings together no less than thirty-two teams. In addition to the thirty franchised structures, two Chinese representatives have been invited by Riot Games. Planning, results, teams and recaps, we can't wait to let you live this event, which promises to be great.

This LAN celebrates the new VCT format, including the introduction of the different leagues. Teams will compete against each other over several weeks in electric matches, any defeat being eliminatory. The first meetings are scheduled for 13th February.

In addition, the LOCK//IN São Paulo is a great opportunity for both the organisations and the players to become better known to the public. The team that lifts the trophy will also take the ascendancy over the teams of its own League, as well as of other regions of the globe. A good start for the VCT!

Alpha group match recap

LOUD and DRX qualify for the playoffs of the Lock In Sao Paulo.

LOUD and DRX win in the Alpha group

Omega Group match recap