Leviatan qualifies for playoffs - Day 2 of Valorant Champions

The group phase of the Valorant Champions is in full swing. During the first day, Paper Rex and Leviatan won, sending EDward Gaming and Team Liquid to the play-offs. The second day of competition focused on Group B. It resulted in victories forOpTic Gaming facing BOOM Esports and LOUD against ZETA Division. In addition, the last game of group A crowned the first qualifier for the playoffs. After another dominant performance, the Leviatan team got their pass for the rest of the tournament.

LOUD wins its first match

The first match of day 2 was between LOUD and ZETA Division. Both teams came out on top in the ranking according to VCT points, in their respective regions, and have been performing well throughout the year. This match was a first for these rosters, who have never met before.

With 15 wins to 1 loss on the map, the LOUD chose Ascent to start the game. ZETA, however, took the lead, notably with a 3K from Dep during the pistol-round. Nevertheless, the Brazilians came back to the score. In the end, ZETA led by two points at the changeover. Unfortunately for them, this lead did not last: in Defence, LOUD was unerring and went on to win six times. SugarZ3ro manages to break this streak in set 19 with a superb clutch, but LOUD still ends up winning 13-8.

The confrontation between these two teams continued on Fracture, a map on which both teams have the same winrate. This time again, the Japanese took the lead, and quickly found themselves at 7-2. Once again, the Japanese took the lead, and quickly found themselves at 7-2. LOUD managed to break the opponent's Momentum, however, to get back to 7-5 at the changeover. Facing saadhak, more than determined, ZETA Division is having difficulty with its Attack rounds. At the end of round 20, LOUD was in the lead, leading 11-9. It didn't take much longer for the game to end, as the roster scored the two missing points on the following sets. Final score: 13-9.

The unlikely ace of the Championship

For the second match of the day, the spectators had the choice to support OpTic Gaming, the Reykjavik Masters winners, or the challengers from Indonesia, namely BOOM Esports.

If the match was played in three maps, only the first one, Breeze, was a really tough race. It took just over 1 hour 45 minutes and a total of 34 rounds to decide between the two teams. BME was very strong in Defence, winning no less than eight of the twelve rounds played. OpTic Gaming did the same after the changeover. In extra time, both teams gave it their all to win, tehbotoL and crashies even managed some very nice 4Ks. Victor's double kill in round 34 was not enough to defeat BME, who finally won 18-16.

While OpTic Gaming players may have had their doubts for a while, the uncertainty soon disappeared. On Bind, yay set the tone with a 4K from the pistol-round. That win led to another, and another, and another. It wasn't until the ninth round that BOOM Esports scored their first point. At the changeover, the roster was down 10-2. Famouz also managed to score a 4K in round 14, giving his team an extra point. Unfortunately for him, the game quickly ended with a score of 13-5.

The rest of the game did not bode well for this team. On Fracture, BME managed to take only three points in the whole game. OpTic Gaming's defence was more than solid. BOOM Esports also made history in Round 11. During an unfortunate spin via the zip line, the team was picked by crashies, giving them the most unlikely ace of the tournament. In the end, BME lost after less than thirty-five minutes of play. Final score: 13-3.

Leviatan wins again

The last duel of the day was important, as it determined the first team qualified for the playoffs. This battle pitted Brazil's Leviatan against Singapore's Paper Rex. Just like LOUD and ZETA Division, the two rosters have never faced each other before.

The match started with a bang on Haven, with Leviatan's pistol-round victory and an ace fromadverso in the next round. Although the Paper Rexes found themselves in trouble at the beginning of the game, they did not lose their composure and stopped their opponents from round 7 onwards. mindfreak eliminates four enemies on his own in round 10, giving his team another point. At the changeover, the score was tied at 6-6. Leviatan then took the second pistol-round and the next round to take the lead, but Paper Rex responded strongly and came back to score again. Determined to win on this card, the Brazilians put in the hard work and went on to win five rounds in a row. Final score: 13-8.

The second map of the meeting, Bind, held an even tougher battle. Here again, the Leviatans were more efficient in the pistol-round and scored two first points. However, PRX regained the lead quickly, before being stopped short by the 4K of Melser at the end of round 6. The rest of the first half was a Paper Rex comeback, then another 4K from Leviatan to get back into the game. At the changeover, it was a perfect tie. After another loss on the pistol-round, Paper Rex won three times, thanks to a 4K from Jinggg. Unfortunately for the roster, carried by Shy, who scores 4K, 3K and an ace in rounds 17, 19 and 21, Leviatan closed the gap. This ace was hard to take on the Paper Rex side, which eventually lost 13-11 after almost an hour of play.

The next round of the Valorant Champions will take place today, 2nd September. The third day of the tournament will be almost exclusively dedicated to Group C. Xerxia Esports and XSET will open the ball at 2pm, followed by FunPlus Phoenix and KRU Esports at 5pm. The first qualifier from Group B will also be determined, asOpTic Gaming will face LOUD at 8pm.

To follow the various upcoming meetings, go to the Official stream (EN) or the Official stream (FR). You can also enjoy the watch party organised by our Captain, on Twitch channel.

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