Leviatan Esports' incredible comeback against KRU Esports in the LATAM Challengers Final

In the Grand Final of the LATAM Challengers, Leviatan faced KRU Esports. On the third map of the match, Leviatan's players achieved a feat: they won the point when they were down 11-1 at the changeover.

Summary of the LATAM playoffs

During the playoffs, Leviatan Esports, KRU Esports, E-Xolos LAZER and FUSION played against each other. . Leviatan won against Fusion and then against E-Xolos LAZER, securing a place in the Grand Final. Despite a tough first match, the roster of KRU Esports didn't give up and beat FUSION, before getting their revenge on E-Xolos LAZER. They won the second slot for the Final.

An intense match for the LATAM Final

The LATAM Challengers Grand Final was between KRU Esports and Leviatan.

This last stage was the opportunity to win the LATAM slot for the Masters in Reykjavik. Both teams fought hard and gave their all: this intense battle lasted almost 4 hours!

The final was well underway. KRU won the first map, while Leviatan won the second. The players and the audience didn't know it yet, but the third map was the most successful in Valorant's history.

Leviatan Esports' historic comeback on Ascent!

With one point each, everything was still possible for both teams. It was on Ascent that the players fought for the third point. KRU Esports was well on its way to taking the lead in the rankings, but this was without considering Levitan's mental strength !

The team of KRU dominated the first part of the match, winning no less than 11 of the 12 rounds. Things got even tougher when KRU Esports won the fifteenth round. At this point in the game, Leviatan Esports were led 12-3. With this considerable deficit, KRU's victory seemed inevitable.

Nevertheless, as if to echo KRU's comeback against Breeze, the Leviatan players kept their heads above water. Round after round, they tested KRU's nerves, gradually coming back to score..

So, after 24 rounds played, it was a perfect tie. In just two more rounds, Leviatan took down his opponent, winning the match 14-12 and thus their second point.

Watch the whole showdown on Valorant LATAM's Twitch channel.

Un second comeback pour Leviatan?

After this particularly difficult defeat for morale, the KRU Esports could have become demoralised. But this was not the case, as they crushed Leviatan on Fracture in just 34 minutes.

On the final card of this match, Leviatan was again in a complicated situation: KRU's defence was so solid that they won 11 out of 12 rounds, again. An identical scenario to the one on Ascent appeared: KRU won the fifteenth round. The tension rose again when Leviatan won 3 times. The audience and casters alike held their breath; would they pull off another feat?

Unfortunately, this time the story did not end so well. Despite their best efforts, the Leviatans ended up losing, 6-13.

On their side, if they did not qualify for the Masters on this LATAM Final, Leviatan Esports players have a second chance. Indeed, a slot is allocated to the South American region. This slot is at stake in a final between the two losers of the LATAM and Brazil finals. So, Leviatan to face Ninjas In Pyjamas, in this last chance fight! Who will win? Suspense.

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