Teams qualifying for the playoffs of the Valorant Champions 2023

Of the sixteen teams initially qualified for the Valorant Champions 2023Only the eight best performers will go on to the playoffs. Whether they qualify for the next stage or not, all the participants gave their all during the group stage, putting on a show worthy of the name for thousands of fans around the world.

Teams still in contention for the title

Logo Team - Paper Rex
PRX - Pacific League
(Group A - Seed 1)
Evil Geniuses logo
EG - Americas League
(Group B - Seed 1)
Fnatic - EMEA League
(Group C - Seed 1)
DRX logo
DRX - Pacific League
(Group D - Seed 1)
EDward Gaming logo
EDG - China
(Group A - Seed 2)
FUT Esports logo
FUT - EMEA League
(Group B - Seed 2)
Team Logo - Bilibili Gaming
Bilibili - China
(Group C - Seed 2)
LOUD logo
LOUD - Americas League
(Group D - Seed 2)

Teams eliminated from the competition

The Valorant Champions is the most prestigious tournament on the Valorant professional circuit. At this level of the competition, elimination is essentially due to the fact that other teams performed better. So a team that exits at the group stage is still one of the best in the world.

The representatives of the structures below have all fought with determination, but their adventure has not been easy. in Los Angeles is well and truly over:

  • Giants Gaming - Group A Seed 3
  • KRU Esports - Group A Seed 4
  • T1 - Group B Seed 3
  • FunPlus Phoenix - Seed 4 from group B
  • NRG Esports - Group C Seed 3
  • ZETA Division - Seed 4 of Group C
  • Natus Vincere - Seed 3 from Group D
  • Team Liquid - Group D Seed 4

The first matches, Fnatic v LOUD and Paper Rex v FUT Esports , are scheduled for Wednesday 16 August. If you want to follow these matches live, you can go to the Twitch channel Valorant Franceand than the official English stream.