Teams qualifying for the Valorant Champions 2023

Since 2021, each Valorant season has ended with the Valorant Champions. This prestigious tournament, which is equivalent to the World ChampionshipIt brings together the best players from all over the world. LOUD, the current title holder, is one of them. of the sixteen qualified teams for the 2023 edition and is putting its trophy back on the line. In this article, we take a look at all the teams she will be up against in her bid for victory. in Los Angeles.

Slots distribution

In previous editions, teams were selected for the Valorant Champions through a system of circuit points. With the introduction of Franchised Leagues, Riot Games has chosen to review various parts of the VCT format, and has parted ways with this system.

This year, qualification for the world's most prestigious tournament essentially depends on performances in the League segment and at the Tokyo Masters. Teams that fail to pre-qualify will face each other at the Last Chance Qualifierwhich allows one of them to win the last vacant slot.

Although the selection method is different, the total number of participants remains the same. We will therefore see the sixteen best teams in the world compete for the title of World Champion. The three leagues have 4 slots, while China is sending 3 representatives. It should be noted that each region has the possibility of obtaining an additional place, to be filled via the LCQ, provided that one of these teams wins the Tokyo Masters.

EDIT: Since Fnatic wins the tournamentThe EMEA region will receive this bonus slot.

  • 5 Slots for the EMEA League 3 teams have been pre-qualified, while the other two teams have secured their places via the EMEA QCL.
  • 4 Slots for the Americas League 3 teams are pre-qualified, while the last team obtains its place via the LCQ Americas.
  • 4 Slots for the Pacific League 3 teams are pre-qualified, while the last team obtains its place via the LCQ Pacific.
  • 3 Slots for China The 3 representatives are selected via the Qualifier dedicated to this region.
Slot allocation for Valorant Champions 2023.

All the Valorant Champions 2023 teams

Currently, only some of the qualified teams are known. The final participants will be determined through the various Last Chance Qualifiers of the international leagues. Similarly, we do not yet know the identity of the players who will represent China in this tournament. We will be updating this section as more information becomes available.

Teams from the EMEA League :

Team Liquid logo
Team Liquid
(EMEA League)
(EMEA League)
FUT Esports logo
FUT Esports
(EMEA League)
Team Logo - Giants Gaming - White
Natus Vincere logo
Natus Vincere

Fnatic is unquestionably one of the best teams in Europe, if not the best. The proof is in the pudding won the Lock In Sao Paulo against LOUDat the beginning of the year. And then some, Boaster, Derke, Alfajer, Leo and Chronicles simply dominated the regular season during the League segment, losing none of the nine matches they played. However, the team only finished second in the overall standings after losing out in the VCT EMEA Grand Final. Winners of the Tokyo Masters, Fnatic are definitely one of the favourites for this year's Valorant Champions.

Team Liquid also put up a good fight during the season, conceding just three games. If nAts, soulcas, Jamppi, Sayf and Redgar shone in this stage, even winning the Final against Fnatic, they did not find as much success in the Tokyo Masters. After two successive playoff defeats, the team finished in fifth/sixth place.

FUT Esportsdid not stand out as much in the VCT EMEA. While mojj, qRaxs, qw1, MrFaliN and ATA KAPTAN won five times during the regular season, they also lost four of the nine matches played. Despite this, the Turkish team secured its place in the Valorant Champions by being one of the three highest-ranked EMEA teams at the Tokyo Masters, ahead of Natus Vincere.

In addition to the three teams above, the EMEA League is sending two other representatives to the Valorant Champions. At the end of the regular season, Giants narrowly missed out on qualification for the Tokyo Masters. However, the Spanish structure will be one of the teams taking part in this year's Champions. Nukkye, hoody, Fit1nho, rhyme and Cloud qualified thanks to a well-deserved victory in the region's Last Chance Qualifier. Without any real difficulty, they successively defeated the Karmine Corp, the KOI players, before eliminating Natus Vincere in the final.

However, Natus Vincere will also be taking part. The old FunPlus Phoenix, ANGE1, Shao, Zyppan and Suygetsuaccompanied by cNedFnatic's victory was the key to their qualification at the Tokyo Masters. The winners of this tournament won an extra slot for their region.

Teams from the Americas League :

LOUD logo
(Americas League)
NRG logo
NRG Esports
(Americas League)
Evil Geniuses logo
Evil Geniuses
(Americas League)
The teams qualified for the Valorant Champions 2023 - KRUEsports Logo -
KRU Esports
(LCQ America)

LOUD is none other than the reigning World Champion team. No big surprise there, aspas, Less, Saadhak, cauanzin and tuyz took first place in the regular season standings, with eight wins and just one defeat. After winning that stage, the Brazilians went on to dominate the playoffs, winning the Grand Final against NRG Esports. These performances certainly validate the effectiveness of these players, but the results obtained at the Tokyo Masters - two defeats without a win - are somewhat alarming, especially as the team was knocked out by the Chinese team EDG, the rookies of the tournament. The Valorant Champions will be a great opportunity for them to restore their reputation.

With three defeats and six wins to their name at the end of the regular season, NRG Esports is one of the best teams in the Americas League. As we mentioned earlier, SNSF, s0m, crashies, Victor and ardiis even reached the Grand Final and finished TOP2. This fine performance earned them a place in the Valorant Champions, as well as a slot in the Tokyo Masters. In this tournament, they distinguished themselves by topping their group, then eliminating DRX and Team Liquid in the lower bracket. Fourth in this LAN, they are one of the teams to watch in the Champions.

The story of Evil Geniuses is a lot spicier! The team almost missed out on the VCT Americas play-offs due to a lacklustre performance, and ultimately owed their qualification to MIBR's victory over 100Thieves. Despite a difficult start, the EG players proved so effective during the play-offs that they reached the third step of the podium, good enough to qualify for both the Champions and the Tokyo Masters. In the latter tournament, Evil Geniuses was remarkable... and noticed by all! Boostio, Ethan, C0M, Demon1 and jawgemo simply didn't lose a single card until the final of the top Bracket, even beating the LOUDs with ease in the process. They could well win this third edition of the Valorant Champions.

With nine defeats in nine games at the end of the regular season, the players from KRU Esports were in no mood to win the American Last Chance Qualifier. Even though the statistics didn't show them as winners, they didn't give up and pulled off a surprise. And then some, Klaus, NagZ, Daveeys, Melser and keznit have had an exceptional run. First they knocked off mibr, then took on FURIA Esports and followed up with two crushing victories over Leviatan and Cloud9 to reach the Grand Final. They then emerged victorious from this last match with just as much ease as in the previous games. Needless to say, we'll be keeping a close eye on these players...

Teams from the Pacific League :

Logo Team - Paper Rex
Paper Rex
(Pacific League)
DRX logo
(Pacific League)
T1 logo
(Pacific League)
Teams qualified for the Valorant Champions 2023 - ZetaDivision White Logo -
ZETA Division
(LCQ Pacific)

In the Pacific region, Paper Rex and DRX battled it out for the number one spot. The former finished the regular season with seven wins and two losses, while the latter racked up no fewer than eight wins and a single defeat.

Having both qualified for the semi-finals, they soon faced each other in the final of the top bracket after defeating their respective opponents. mindfreak, forsakeN, Benkai, d4v41 and Jinggg then overcame Korea's DRX to reach the Grand Final. While Paper Rex inflicted a real stomp on the DRX in this clash, the final match of the VCT Pacific was much closer. Nevertheless, in the end it was still the Singaporeans who came out on top.

The latter also distinguished themselves at the Tokyo Masters, notably by ending EDward Gaming's run and beating NRG Esports. Still in contention for the title, they must first defeat Evil Geniuses before facing Fnatic in the final. For their part, Korea's DRX once again missed out on the podium, despite taking part in their seventh international LAN. stax, Rb, BuZz, MaKo and Zest Will they finally be able to break this curse with the Valorant Champions 2023? Only time will tell...

Even if they only finished third at the end of the regular season, T1 players did not lose out, however, losing just three of their nine games. During the playoffs, xeta, Munchinkin, ban, Sayaplayer and Carpe reached the final of the lower bracket. There, they gave the DRX a hard time for a while, but ended up losing. Unlike the other two teams, T1's adventure in the Tokyo Masters came to an early end, as they did not progress beyond the group stage. They probably won't be the winning team in this Champions event, but who knows... maybe they'll surprise the whole world!

Like the Giants, Japan's ZETA Division narrowly missed out on entry to the Tokyo Masters. Nevertheless, they still had a chance of reaching the Valorant Champions 2023 through the Last Chance Qualifier Pacific. And they made the most of this last opportunity to take their place among the best teams in the world. However, victory was not a foregone conclusion. Laz, crow, Dep, SugarZ3ro and TENNN won their first LCQ match mentally: the battle on the final card went on for forty rounds and lasted over an hour and a half. In the upper final, as in the Grand Final, they showed themselves to be better performers, defeating Team Secret twice with much greater ease. If they are as determined during the Champions, they could well reach the top of the rankings.

Teams from China :

EDward Gaming logo
EDward Gaming
(China Qualifier)
Team Logo - Bilibili Gaming
Bilibili Gaming
(China Qualifier)
FPX logo
FunPlus Phoenix
(China Qualifier)

The China Qualifier took place from 3 to 16 July. During this stage, three of the twelve teams distinguished themselves and qualified for the Valorant Champions 2023. Not surprisingly, we find EDward Gaming and its star player, ZmjjKK. The young prodigy and his cohorts secured their place with flying colours, winning all their matches without dropping a card until the Grand Final. It was only during this last duel, which pitted him against the players from Bilibili GamingEDG lost a map. But that didn't stop them from winning! Finalists in the Petite Finale, the FunPlus Phoenix will also be taking part in the Valorant Champions.

Composition of the groups

The Valorant Champions is divided into different stages: the group phase, the playoffs and the Grand Final. The first stage of the tournament aims to select the teams that will advance to the playoffs. This is done by they were divided into four groups Only the top two finishers in each group earn a slot for the rest of the tournament.

You will find the breakdown of the teams in the groups below:

  • Group A: Paper Rex, KRU Esports, EDward Gaming, Giants
  • Group B: Evil Geniuses, FunPlus Phoenix, FUT Esports, T1
  • Group C : Fnatic, ZETA Division, NRG, Bilibili Gaming
  • Group D : Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, DRX, LOUD

To follow the matches of the Valorant Champions 2023, go to Valorant France's Twitch channel, from 6 Augustdate of the first meetings.