The Game Changers EMEA Series 2 teams - VCT 2023

After a break of just over a month, the best players in the EMEA region will be back in action for a new Game Changers tournament. Like its predecessor, this Series 2 brings together a total of sixteen teams, including G2 Gozen, winner of the first stage of the year. Between the new teams determined to shine and those thirsting for revenge, the competition promises to be intense.

Teams from the Contenders

The Game Changers EMEA circuit has a few new features compared with last year. The appearance of promotional competitions, Games Changers: Contendersis the main change in the format. These tournaments enable several teams to progress to the next level, provided they perform well enough.

FUT Esports logo

FUT Female
dati - Julis - Lyda - Ness - Smurfette

Team Valorant logo - Anonymo Esports

Anonymo Female
Kaha - majusia - Natalcia - Iczy - meryl

Game Changers EMEA Series 2 teams - VCT 2023 - valorant team logo to be determined 1 -

The A Team
er1no - mads - Miiizzy - Essy - jadezoid

Unlike the other two qualifiers, FUT Female is not taking part in a Game Changers tournament for the first time. This structure has already appeared in the three VCT 2021 tournaments and even took fourth place in Series 2 in 2022. More recently, she flew over the Contenders to secure a slot in the second Game Changers EMEA of the VCT 2023.

After failing to qualify for the first Game Changers of the year, the players by Anonymo Female tried their luck again in the Contenders. Despite losing in the second round in the main tree, their efforts paid off in the end. Kaha and her team-mates made their way into the loser bracket to reach the small final, a match they eventually won.

In this final duel, Anonymo Female took on The A Teamthe third and final team to qualify through the Contenders. This last remained in the top bracketShe won her matches without too much difficulty, but as we have just seen, she ended up losing to FUT Female in the final.

The teams from the first tournament

For more information about these teams, please refer to the article presenting the first Game Changers of the year. Note that some teams have not yet completed their rosters. We will update the information as it becomes available.

G2 Esports Logo

G2 Gozen
Petra - mimi - Glance - Sarah - roxi

Team Karmine Corp logo

Karmine Corp GC
matriix - LiriLia - Mel - Nelo - Ninou

The Game Changers EMEA Series 2 teams - VCT 2023 - Valorant Team Logo NIP -

NiP Lightning
OYKU - Padge - rezq - TBD - TBD

Team Alliance Covens logo

6sonya - B3AUTIFUL - Melzz - TBD - TBD

Team KPI logo

KPI Shine
lexa - Jiex - Inari - Stacey - rainssa - Serena

Natus Vincere logo

NaVi Celestials
Ritha - proxima - Gia - Sephia - miyori

Game Changers EMEA Series 2 teams - VCT 2023 - valorant team logo to be determined 1 -

Odd 1 OUT (Ex-Geekay Esport)
Pinkalie - nugget - Jduh - Raina - Thykuza

Team BBL Queens logo

BBL Queens
Alkyia - eva - Felipa - rayka - Vania

Acend Rising logo

Acend Rising
amy - h6tedthemost - schnellAE - Joliinaa - speedowka

Guild Esports Logo

Guild X (Ex-CBA)
Sliicy - Cla - Kim - Xaline - sia

Velvet Rebels team logo

Rebels Velvet
Cille - devilasxa - didii - Scarlett - Neli

UNtapped logo

LilBob - mediKa - Sylva - liza - SUPERHROG

Case Hydra logo

Case Hydra
Annie - fReeze - mimi - Poetite - TookiiTookii

The competition begins Monday 3rd JulyWith not just one or two matches, but eight in all. For full details of the schedule, go to our article on the Game Changers EMEA Series 2 schedule and results.

To follow the matches live, go to the Twitch channel Valorant France.