The Valorant Masters 2024 will take place in Shanghai, China

While the Valorant Champions is about to get underway, the Valorant Esports teams have revealed their plans for next season and the VCT 2024. This is how we learn that the 2024 Masters will be held in Shanghai, in China.

The decision to hold the Masters in China was taken to celebrate the first anniversary of Valorant's release in the country. Indeed, after years of negotiations with the Chinese government, Valorant has just been released in China. officially released in the Middle Kingdom. Shanghai is no less than the country's largest city, with over 26 million inhabitants, so it's a key location for promoting Valorant.

The tournament is scheduled to take place in late springThis implies changes to the VCT schedule compared to 2023, when the Tokyo Masters took place at the end of June.

These changes also seem to be confirmed by the fact that the Shanghai Masters will be the second international event of 2024 of the Valorant esport scene. We don't yet know what the first one will be. In 2023, we were treated to a VCT launch tournament with LOCK//IN BrazilBut Riot Games has reiterated that this is a one-off format that will not be repeated every year.

It's a little too early to have more details on all these subjects. There are still plenty of Valorant events to follow in 2023.