The Valorant Champions 2024 will be held in Seoul

This weekend, Riot Games unveiled more information about the development of the of the Valorant Champions Tour 2024. We now know that the World Championship will be held in Seoulin South Korea, which will take place in August.

Every year, Valorant Champions forms the culmination of the entire current season. This major event is not only an opportunity to crown the best team in the world, but also a unique moment to bring together fans from the four corners of the globe and celebrate.

From Starcraft to Valorant and League of Legends, South Korea is one of the most invested countries in esports. The region has seen the birth of e-sports legends such as SlayerS_'BoxeR' (ex-pro Stracraft) or Faker (pro League of Legends).

The Valorant scene is particularly well developed here, as is the fanbase. And today, teams like DRX, T1 and Gen.G even have an international reputation. So it's no surprise that Riot Games has chosen to set up shop in SeoulSeoul will be the host city for the 2024 edition of the Championship, following in the footsteps of Berlin, Istanbul and Los Angeles. Seoul is already a partner city of the Pacific League.

As usual, the Valorant Champions brings together the sixteen best teams of the season. Each league will send four representativesthree of whom qualified via the second league segment, with the last being selected via the VCT points ranking. You can find more information on this subject in our article dedicated to the VCT 2024 format.

Roadmap - Valorant Champions Tour 2024

The forty-four franchise teams will therefore have to outdo themselves if they want to earn a place in this tournament, and why not, write their name in the history of Riot Games' FPS! Before that, they'll have the chance to prove themselves through KICKOFF tournaments. The Americas region has already begun.