LCQ EMEA - G2 Esports and Team Liquid in upper bracket final

The semi-finals of the LCQ EMEA ended with G2 Esports' victory on one hand and Team Liquid's on the other. The two European teams will now face each other in the final of the upper bracket.

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During the first round, G2 and Team Liquid won, sending Anubis Gaming and One Breath Gaming in the lower bracket. Futbolist and Guild Esports did the same with Oxygen Esports and SuperMassive Blaze.

During the semi-finals, the four teams gave their all to emerge victorious, and in the end, it was G2 and Team Liquid who succeeded.

G2 Esports2 - 1Futbolist
Guild Esports0 - 2Team Liquid
Semi-finals results – Upper bracket

G2 Esports vs Futbolist

Along with Team Liquid, G2 is the favourite to join the Valorant Champions. However, this match against Futbolist was not easy for the Europeans as the match was played in 3 maps and they almost lost it.

It all started on Icebox, a map where both teams had a similar win rate: 65.6% for G2 and 61.9% for Futbolist. We could have expected an even battle, but Futbolist dominated their opponent. In the 6th round, G2 lost their advantage and could not recover it. Futbolist went on to win 5 rounds and led 8-4 at side change. In Attack, G2 was unable to recover and lost 7 to 13. In the last round, mojj even managed to defuse the Spike under his opponents' noses.

The second game was played on Breeze. Determined not to call it quits, G2 players rallied around and won 9 rounds during the Attack phase. The map could have ended quickly, but Futbolist didn't let it happen and also won 9 rounds in Attack. The two teams were then tied 13-13. From then on, each team won one round after the other. After overtime, 42 rounds and almost an hour and a half of play, Futbolist lost with a very tight score of 20 to 22. This match is now one of the longest in official competition.

The decisive point came on the third and final map, Ascent. Futbolist had started their game perfectly, but the second map probably got the better of their mental. The players of G2 crushed their opponents and finished the map with a score of 13 to 2, in only 27 minutes.

Thanks to this victory, G2 Esports reaches the final of the upper bracket.

Guild Esports vs Team Liquid

After their victory against One Breath Gaming, L1NK, Team Liquid's player, spoke about the rest of the LCQ. Without a second thought, he said that the next game would be an easy win.

I could say more words but I can't because we're streaming... but yes, it will be free.

L1NK – Team Liquid player

If the match didn't end in a total stomp, L1NK was right: Team Liquid won the match without too much difficulty. From the first map, Bind, the roster got things straight, winning 9 rounds in Attack. At the change, Team Liquid conceded only 3 rounds, and conceded only 3 more in the second half before concluding with a score of 13 to 6.

The second map, Split, was a bit more difficult to win. At the end of round 7, Guild Esports was leading 5-2, but unfortunately for them, Team Liquid took the lead at side change. While the score tightened to 9-8 for Team Liquid, Guild Esports didn't have the opportunity to put in more rounds. Supported by the efficient ScreaM and a Jamppi , Team Liquid won the match by finishing the map with a score of 13 to 8.

By winning their match, the players of Team Liquid will face G2 during the final of the upper bracket.

An update on the lower bracket

Tempers are running high in the lower bracket, with teams vying for spots to advance to the Grand Final. After the first few matches, One Breath Gaming and Anubis Gaming were eliminated, losing to SuperMassive Blaze and Oxygen Esports respectively. Given Futbolist's performance against G2, the next few matches promise to be interesting!

Guild EsportsVSOxygen Esports
FutbolistVSSuperMassive Blaze
Upcoming lower bracket matches

The first day of the LCQ NA was marked by lags and technical problems. New problems appear on the American continent today. Some Faze Clan and Rise players tested positive for COVID and then negative after further testing. As a precautionary measure, and due to strict protocols, Riot Games has deemed it best to pause the competition, before completely rescheduling the sessions.