LCQ EMEA – First round results

The Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) is the last chance for non-qualified teams to prove their worth and stay in the running for the World Championship. In the four regions, NA, SA, EMEA and APAC, the games are raging. All teams that have qualified for the LCQs are giving everything they have to win their place at the Valorant Champions.

Teams determined to win

The first matches of the LCQ EMEA are now over. Despite the majority of the final scores being 2-0, all the teams have nothing to be ashamed of.

G2 Esports2 - 0Anubis Gaming
Futbolist2 - 0Oxygen Esports
SuperMassive Blaze1 - 2Guild Esports
Team Liquid 2 - 0One Breath Gaming
First round results – LCQ EMEA

G2 Esports vs Anubis Gaming

The Egyptian organisation Anubis Gaming got their slot for the LCQ by winning the First Strike Arabica. They are a strong team, but in this match, they faced the European behemoth that ended Sentinels' winning streak !

The first map, Bind, was played over 17 rounds and ended quickly with a score of 13 to 4 in favour of G2. The match continued on Breeze, a map that Anubis Gaming was comfortable with. G2 players were well aware of this, as shown in the comments collected by VLR.GG.

We knew it was one of their home maps so we expected it to be tough.

koldamenta – G2 player

At side change, both teams had won 6 rounds. After that, Anubis Gaming managed to get the upper hand, before being caught by G2, who achieved a 6-round winning streak to conclude the match. The map ended with a very close score of 13-11. Despite the tense atmosphere, G2 Esports players allowed themselves some crazy moves.

With this victory, G2 Esports continues in the upper bracket and confirms its position as a strong team. While waiting for the next game, we leave you with a little souvenir signed by m1xwell.

G2 players pose... in-game!

Futbolist vs Oxygen Esports

The confrontation between these two teams was relatively balanced. The first map was played on Split. At the end of the first half, neither roster had an advantage, but afterwards, Oxygen Esports underperformed compared to Futbolist. The players lost 7 rounds in a row and lost 13 to 6.

The second map, Ascent, was more tightly contested. Once again, no team won the first phase. In the second half, Oxygen Esports quickly took the lead, 4-2, but Futbolist players were able to come up with the right moves and won the next 5 rounds. Futbolist emerged victorious on a final score of 13 to 10. With these two maps won, the organisation joins the other winning teams for the rest of the upper bracket.

SuperMassive Blaze vs Guild Esports

This is the only match of this first round played in 3 maps, and it's not for nothing: a watchword "remontada"! The confrontation started on Breeze. At the end of the first half, SMB and Guild were neck and neck, 7 to 5, with a slight lead for Guild. A lead that even made them hope to win the map.

It was very challenging. For a minute, I thought we had Breeze. I feel like we had a very good read on them.

Draken - Player GUILD

This was without counting on the first 'remontada' of the match. SuperMassive won 8 rounds in Defense, and at the same time the map, on a score of 13 to 8. On the second map, Icebox, both teams played 32 rounds. SMB won 8 defensive rounds, taking the advantage at sides change. New comeback in this match,, as Guild won in its turn 8 rounds in Defense. After overtime, Guild won on a final score of 17 to 15.

In the third and final map, Split, the two teams were tied at sides change, but Guild put an end to SMB's hopes and eventually won 13 to 8. The players of Guild Esports emerged victorious, 2 maps to 1, and continue the LCQ in the top bracket.

Team Liquid vs One Breath Gaming

The match between Team Liquid and One Breath Gaming was one of the most eagerly awaited of this first round. Indeed, the new roster of One Breath Gaming was finalised a short time ago with the arrival of three players from ForZe Esports. On the Team Liquid side, it was also Nivera's first game ever as a pro player on Valorant. A few weeks ago, the ex-CS:GO player had joined ScreaM, his brother, within the organisation. It was therefore an opportunity to gauge the strength of these new recruits.

Nivera had a perfect debut and started his career with an ACE in the first pistol-round on Ascent. As if that wasn't enough, in the third round, L1NK also dominated the opposing team and gave his team a second ACE. Carried by ScreaM and Nivera's serenity, Team Liquid dispatched the game finishing with a perfect score of 13-0.

One Breath Gaming chose Haven as the second battleground. Despite a difficult start, the roster did not give up and even managed to take the lead in the score. Team Liquid knew how to react and once again won 13-9.

The match ended with the victory of Team Liquid 2 maps to 0. Nevertheless, the roster never underestimated their opponent, as L1NK explained in the post-match interview.

We knew that they'd comeback, we knew that this could have been a close game, could have gone to a third map.

L1NK – Team Liquid player

Team Liquid has reaffirmed its place as one of Europe's top rosters. Will the newcomer perform more miracles in the next match? Suspense!

LCQ EMEA - What's up next?

The next matches in the upper bracket will be interesting. While all the teams deserve their current place, G2 Esports and Team Liquid are strong favourites to reach the final of the bracket. See you tomorrow to find out!

G2 EsportsVSFutbolist
Team Liquid VSGuild Esports
Upper bracket – Semi-finals matches

As the LCQs are played in a double elimination format, all is not lost for the four teams that lost in the first round. The lower bracket matches will undoubtedly be played in a tense and serious atmosphere, for this last chance to reach the final.

Oxygen Esports VSAnubis Gaming
One Breath Gaming VSSuperMassive Blaze
Lower bracket – First round matches

The LCQ kicks off across the Atlantic, with players from the various NA teams heading to the home stretch. With rosters like those of 100Thieves, Version1, Cloud9 Blue and Gen.G Esports, to name just four, the LCQ NA matches will offer intense and electric battles!