The Madrid Masters meta - VCT 2024

The Masters Madrid is now over and all eyes are now on VCT EMEA Stage 1. Before continuing to monitor the 2024 season, we invite you to take a look at the Masters meta. Some agents, such as Viper, dominated the tournament, while others, such as Deadlock and Iso, were relegated to the sidelines.

Evolution of the Agents' pick rate

Use the graph below to compare the results. the Agent selection rate for Valorant Champions 2023 and Masters MadridVCT 2024's first international LAN.

Agents' pick rate - Masters Madrid vs Valorant Champions 2023 comparison
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The comparison reveals in particular greater popularity for Viper and Omenat the expense of Brimstone and Astra. There has also been a sharp drop in the selection of Killjoy and Skye, which can be explained by the interest shown in Cypher and KAY/0 during the Masters.

Furthermore, statistics show that the pros have left more room for Agents such as Gekko and YoruThis has led to new composites and, consequently, new ways of approaching Valorant cards.

It is important to specify that many changes are linked to the current map pooland in particular the presence of Sunset, Icebox and Breeze.

The most popular agents

She's a long way off the time when Jett and Sova reigned supreme on international events. Although these two agents are still present in the compositions, they are no longer as indispensable, in particular Jettwhose downward spiral continues. At the Masters, his selection rate plummeted to under 40%.

Portrait of Viper

On the other hand, Viper has become even more popular, topping the list of most-played agents. His pick rate took no less than +20% to reach 65%.

As we mentioned earlier, the map-pool is no stranger to this evolution. Still used extensively on Split and Lotus, Viper was also at the heart of the compositions on Breeze (83%), Icebox (85%) and Sunset (50%). This is hardly surprising, given that with her wall and her ultimate can cover large areas of map and even run a site on their own, while the other members of their team take care of the rest of the site.

Portrait of Omen

The other Agent who stood out was undoubtedly OmenHis pick rate practically doubled between the Valorant Champions and the Masters, rising from from 33 to 57%.

As we said in a recent Flash ValoIf it has gained so much interest, it's mainly because the teams have played with each other. more aggressive than usual. And it was the only controller suitable for this playstyle.

In particular more interest for the Agent on Split. Its selection rate on this map has gone from from 27% to 89%. There is a logical explanation for this. Whereas LOUD, Paper Rex and EDG opted for Astra last year, they have all aligned themselves with the other teams and included Omen in their line-up. Visit Astra nerve deployed with patch 7.04 probably has something to do with it.

Omen has also found its place in training courses on Sunsetsince it was present in 83% cases, in addition to being selected at each game on Lotus. Given that these are two of the most-played maps in the Masters, it's hardly surprising that this Agent has made it into the TOP.

Portrait of Raze

The third step of the podium is still occupied by Raze. As was the case during the Valorant Champions, we saw her on Split (89%) and Lotus (87%). At the same time, on the latter map, it is formidable. It can be used to counter a rush on site A, as well as to flush out the players planting the Spike on C, by bombarding the area with grenades from Waterfall.

The most significant developments

La méta du Masters Madrid - VCT 2024 - Killjoy Portrait -

Looking at the graph, one of the most striking developments is that of the Killjoy pick rate. Between the two competitions, this fell by nearly 25%.

It has lost interest in Ascentand was only really used on Icebox (79%) and on Lotus (69%). With the nerve of its turret when patch 8.00 (the cone of vision has been reduced from 180 to 100 degrees), the Agent has become even more situational.

While this nerve partly explains the drop in the selection rate, another factor also played a role: namely Cypher's renewed popularity. Due to multiple buffs that it has received over the last few months, the Agent is once again viable and interesting. The players have largely preferred on most cardsWe saw him on Breeze, Bind, Split and Sunset, 4 maps on which Killjoy was never selected.

Portrait of Skye

Skye experienced a similar downward trend, with its selection rate falling from from 44% to approximately 21%. This decrease is mainly due to the fact that other Initiators, KAY/O and Gekkohave been included in the training courses.

Now that the pros have found a use for him, he brings a bit of freshness to the executions. If you choose not to use a healer, he's even more interesting than SkyeThey can easily use their skills several times in a single round, provided they have mastered them correctly.

The main attraction of Gekko is undoubtedly Wingmanwhich, unlike the Skye Pathfinder, is practically autonomous (you still have to launch the skill). Thanks to its creature, the team has, say, an extra 1/2 player, who can install the Spikewhile the others hold the lines.

To conclude this analysis, and because it is nonetheless noteworthy, we will briefly mention Yoru. Long overlooked, the Duelist seems to be finding its place both in EMEA and in other regions of the world. During the Masters, his pick rate reached 9.62%a first for international LANs!

The meta has changed since last yearAnd it could well change again during the season with the arrival of Clove in the Agents' pool. We can't wait to see how the pros get to grips with this new Controller, and whether Omen has anything to worry about...