Karmine Corp wins its first VCT EMEA KICKOFF match

The Karmine Corp is starting the 2024 season on a high note. At the opening match of the VCT EMEA KICKOFF, shin, marteen, N4RRATE, MAGNUM and tomaszy defeated the GIANTX players. The new roster has already produced some excellent results, much to the delight of Blue Wall fans, and could well prove to be a real success. restore the structure's image this year. Here's a recap of the match.

A new start for KCORP

In 2023, Karmine Corp experienced a particularly difficult season. Not only did the team win just two of their nine matches, but they also found themselves in the spotlight when newzera has decided to terminate its contract.

Karmine Corp unveils its Valorant team for 2024

After a year of disappointment, the group has completely overhauled its strategy. Instead of a 100% French-speaking roster, it now has an international team. This year, KCORP can count on the talent of the Frenchman shinthe only survivor of the reshuffle, the Czechs marteen and MAGNUMfrom the American N4RRATE and Portuguese tomaszy.

First win of the 2024 season for KCORP

This year, the Valorant Champions Tour begins not with a major event like the LOCK IN, but with four internal tournaments for each League baptized KICKOFF. While the competition has already been in full swing for several days across the Atlantic, it was not until Tuesday 20 February that it got underway in the United States. the EMEA region.

A tight battle on Split

Team Heretics first took on FUT Esports, before Shin and his mates took to the stage to take on the GIANTX players. The match kicked off on Splitmap pick by Karmine Corp. Although GIANTX quickly took the lead, it didn't lead for long. N4RRATE and marteen were eliminated several times, allowing KCORP to come back into the game at the same time. Hats off to marteen and sh1n for this masterclass!

At the changeover, the two teams were level, but it only took a few more rounds for the Karmine to take their turn at the score. At the end of the eighteenth round, they were leading 11-7. The efforts of Cloud and nukkye almost turned the situation around. However, the tomaszy was determined to put an end to his card, which ended with a score of 13 to 11.

Victory for GIANTX over Sunset

On SunsetGIANTX conceded a few rounds before unravelling and winning the day. win six rounds in a row. Despite this feat, hoody and his mates had only a slight lead at the changeover, leading by just two points.

Nevertheless, they managed to extend their lead in defence, until you reach match point at the end of the tenth round. Victory was in sight, but a Valorant match is never a foregone conclusion. The fact that KCORP went on to win with unfailing determination is proof of that. five extra points. In the end, Redgar has pulled off a masterstroke to defuse the Spike one last time and hand victory to his team. 13-10.

Karmine crushes GIANTX on Lotus

With a point apiece on the board, KCORP and GIANTX then went head to head on the final day. Lotus to determine who would stay in the top winner's bracket and who would be sent down as the loser. And let's face it, N4RRATE and MAGNUM were monstrous! At the end of the defence side, they both finished with an ACS of over 300 and a rating of 1.74 and 1.63 respectively. Thanks to their efforts, KCORP led 9-3 to change.

Cloud tried to put a spanner in the works for shin and her mates, but it wasn't enough to break them down. It didn't take long for the Karmine to pick up the missing points to bring the match to a close - final score : 13 to 4 - and pick up his first win of the season!

Karmine Corp will be aiming to reach the play-offs when they take on Team Heretics in their next match. The match is scheduled for 22 February, at 5pm. You can find the schedule and scores on our KICKOFF EMEA tracking page.