Incredible comeback by DRX against Bilibili Gaming in the Valorant Champions competition

The second day of the playoffs began with the meeting between DRXa team used to international LANs, to Bilibili Gamingthe Chinese challenger who has been performing miracles since the start of the Valorant Champions. DRX was tipped for an easy victoryBut the reality was very different... The exceptional remontada The Korean driver's twelve successive wins in Lotus will go down in the annals of the competition.

DRX has qualified for the play-offsbeating LOUD and Natus Vincere in turn. Each of these matches ended 2-1, with the following results two long-term meetings. More recently, the Korean team picked up another win in their first playoff match, defeating BiliBili Gaming.

This time, just two maps were enough for BuZz and his cohorts to emerge victorious. Without taking a close look at how the match unfolded, the final scoreline might suggest that the Chinese didn't stand a chance, which is totally untrue. On Lotus, Yosemite, whzy, Knight, Biank and rin simply dominated the first halfThe Koreans could do nothing about it.

The score on Lotus - DRX vs Bilibili Gaming - Valorant Champions 2023
Image from VLR.GG

They first took the pistol-round, then the second and then managed to win the bonus-round, thanks in particular to the multiple eliminations of rin. The clutch of Yosemite in round five, as well as the ace of whzy to the next gave Bilibili a comfortable lead. At this stage, the DRX found themselves in a vicious circle, as their economy was not in the best of health. At the changeover, they had just two small points and are 10 to 2.

Nevertheless, as ZeratoR likes to say "A Valorant match is only over when a team has 13 points". - Unless there's extra time, of course. Rb, Zest, BuZz, stax and MaKo all showed their mental strength to win the second pistol-round of the match, followed by another round and then a third. The room is buzzing with excitement. Everyone is asking the same question: Can DRX turn the situation around?

After the Rbcomes the turn of MaKoand finally stax. At the end of the twenty-first round, not only did DRX scores tenth point in a rowNot only that, but the team took the lead for the first time in the match. Galvanised by this unexpected comeback, the Koreans stayed on course for victory.

In round 23, Bilibili Gaming tried to take over site C, before heading back to A. Unfortunately, their push was stopped. With time running out, they decided to head back to B, but once again faced a solid defence. With one last push, they finally attacked site A. But it was not to their liking: MaKo was there waiting for them. He struck the fatal blow, eliminating four opponents single-handedly. From 10-1 to 13-10, they did it... Victory is Korean!

We salute MaKo's performance in DefenceWithout them, this remontada would probably not have been possible. The Controller ended the second half with a rating of 2.34, an ACS that broke the ceiling at 348 and a mind-blowing KD of 7.5.

Following the match, the ten players competed on Haven. This second card wasn't all plain sailing for DRX either, but this time it was they who led the way. Despite the best efforts of their opponents, they came out on top in the end. 13 to 9and, at the same time, qualify for the semi-finals of the top bracket.

When asked about their exploit of the day, BuZz explained that after the Tokyo Masters, the team lost some of its determination, but with this new victory in the Valorant Champions he feels they have recovered "a winning mentality".

And they will need it. To secure a place in the final, they will have to confront and defeat Evil Geniusesthe behemoth at the top of the North American rankings. If you want to follow this match, go to VALORANT's Twitch channelon Sunday 20 August from midnight.