Guild Esports and FunPlus Phoenix hit the spot - Copenhagen Masters 2

The Group stage of the Copenhagen Masters 2 has been underway since last Sunday. On Monday, some teams were playing their second game, such as Guild Esports. With a second win, the structure gets its playoff slot. In addition, FunPlus Phoenix was able to win its first match, despite the absence of Suygetsu and a last minute replacement.

FunPlus Phoenix wins against XERXIA Esports (Group B)

Despite a well-deserved qualification, FPX could not participate in the Reykjavik Masters. The players, determined to show their talent at international level, managed to win a slot for the second Masters of the year. The adventure was looking good, until doubts about acceptance of Suygetsu's visa emerged and the picture was marred by the fact that there was no one to take over. The structure therefore rushed to find a replacement, and turned to seider. It was with a slightly shaken roster that the organization started this Masters 2 in Copenhagen. This last minute change did not prevent FPX from taking the upper hand in this first match, and Seider confirmed several times that he has his place at this level of competition.

The match started on Bind, this is a map on which both teams have a similar win rate. The XERXIA players were solid from the pistol-round onwards, then on the second. FPX broke the Momentum that was setting in by winning 3 successive rounds, before falling again under the opposing bullets. At the changeover, XERXIA was leading by 2 points, 7-5. During the next phase, the situation was reversed, and it was FPX who took the lead, winning the first 4 rounds. Determined not to be outdone, XERXIA held on and won the next 4 rounds. In the 24th round, the rosters were perfectly even, 12-12.

It all came down to overtime. The Thai players weakened, and after 1h11 of play, FPX won 14-12 and earns its first point of the match.

The confrontation continued on Ascent. Despite two difficult first rounds for XERXIA, the team did not let themselves be defeated. By winning 3 successive rounds, twice, the roster took the lead at the changeover. FPX was now leading 5-7. On the previous card, they had managed to regain the lead. Unfortunately, despite winning the first two rounds, FunPlus Phoenix did not succeed this time. The structure loses 9-13.

The two teams were therefore separated by a third and final card, namely Haven. If the pistol-round was in favour of XERXIA, the next 4 rounds were won by FPX. Nevertheless, the Thai team won the next 3 rounds to come back to the score. At the end of this phase, FPX was more efficient. For the first time since the beginning of the match, the structure leads at the changeover, 7 to 5. The opponent's response was not long in coming, as XERXIA won the next two rounds to come back to the score. Thereafter, the two teams would trade wins and losses, so that by round 20, they were still tied, 10-10. Again, FPX proved to be strong in the last rounds and managed to score 3 more points in a row. The card ended with a final score of 13-10.

This first international experience did not leave the FunPlus Phoenix players indifferent. During the post-match interview, ANGE1, FPX captain expressed his joy at finally participating in a LAN of this level:

For the players individually and for us as a team so, first of all, I look at this tournament as a great experience. It's the first LAN for FPX, it's the first LAN for a lot of players, so it was a great game. Very close, overtimes, lots of clutches, I enjoyed it a lot. I hope we learn a lot from it. I would prefer a 2-0 but, still, it's fine.


Guild Esports gets first playoffs slot (Group A)

After toppling LOUD and OpTic Gaming respectively, KRU Esports and Guild Esports faced off in the first playoff qualifier.

To start the game, KRU Esports has made the right choice: to face Guild on Bind ; a map on which they have always won during the Challengers 2, unlike the Guild. If this pick was finally in their favour, the match was not easy. On the contrary, Leo and his Fade gave the KRU Esports players a hard time. The latter finished the map with a KDA of 28/15/9.

In the first game, it was Guild Esports who led the match. After winning the bonus round, the team managed to string together 2 more wins. KRU responded harshly and won the next two. After that, it was the Guild who proved to be more solid. At the changeover, they led 7-5. The second half started like the first, 2 KRU wins, then 3 GUILD wins. The end was quite different though, as KRU Esports came back to score. By the 24th round, the two teams were tied. Finally, Guild Esports lost during the overtime, 12 à 14.

Despite the loss, the Guild Esports players kept their heads. On Fracture, led by trexx and his Raze, the team wins easily 13 to 6. Indeed, their Attack was extremely effective. They conceded only 3 rounds. If the 9-3 curse sometimes turns into a nightmare, the Guild did not let fate decide for them. After losing the first two rounds, they defended perfectly in the next three. KRU still won one last round before losing.

As the temperature rose on the stage, the players faced off in a final battle in the cold of Icebox. After the stomp on Fracture, KRU Esports was determined to get revenge. Despite two early failures, they went on to win five times to take the lead. At the changeover, Guild was down 7-5. In this situation, nothing is ever a foregone conclusion. As proof, Guild Esports came back quickly. From the 15th round, the 2 rosters exchange wins and losses again. After 24 rounds, the overtime is over. The call of the slot for the playoffs gave the Guild Esports players one last burst of energy. They finally win 16 à 14.

Thanks to this victory, the team has secured a place in the playoffs, joining the four pre-qualified teams: Fnatic, Leviatán, Paper Rex and XSET.

The next matches will see FPX and DRX, XERXIA and Northeption and finally OpTic Gaming and LOUD. To follow these other matches of the group phase of the Copenhagen Masters 2, go to the official Twitch channel of Valorant.

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