Great matches in the Challengers 2 NA - VCT 2022

The second part of the 2022 VCT has started all around the globe. After the qualifications, the group phase of the Challengers 2 NA has started. Last weekend, the teams faced each other in exciting matches, offering a great show to the viewers.

Qualified teams

The two qualifying sessions were particularly intense. During the Open Qualifiers 1, several big names like Sentinels or 100Thieves have fallen. Nevertheless, they were able to perform well in the second qualifying round.

As a result of this selection, 12 teams have advanced to the group stage, which began last Friday. Here is the list of the qualified rosters:

Group AGroup B
100ThievesLuminosity Gaming
XSETOpTic Gaming
TSMEvil Geniuses
Ghost GamingFaZe Clan
The GuardSentinels

A frenetic first week!

The North American region is undoubtedly one of the most competitive on Valorant, with OpTic Gaming winning the Reykjavik Masters this year. Even if we expected nothing less from all these talented players, they were there and gave us some very good performances in these first games.

The winners of the Challengers 1 NA, The Guard faced 100Thieves. The latter was very solid and took both maps without too much difficulty: 13-5 then 13-6. Despite the defeat, the Guard players defended themselves well, as did Sayaplayer who showed extreme precision and composure in this action.

To start the Main Event, the Sentinels faced Luminosity Gaming, a match electrically charged, as Luminosity took out Sentinels in the first Qualifier. TenZ was more than effective on Breeze with Jett, finishing the map with a KDA of 40/21/6. Unfortunately, this was not enough to win the match: his team finally lost the third map 13-4. It must be said that they faced a bdog determined, ending the game with a KDA of 82/49/8.

The match between OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan was close, but the winners of the Reykjavik Masters were not willing to be surprised by their opponent and set the pace. By putting pressure on at the right moments, they got the 2 points for the victory. In this match, Yay has been monstrous and has a KDA of 48/23/6 with Chamber.

During their confrontation, NRG and TSM both played well. Neither team wanted to lose this match, so it went to overtime on Breeze. Although they fought hard, the TSM players fell to NRG on both maps in this match.

The players ofXSET and Ghost Gaming did not want to give their opponents a victory either. Although the match was a little less close than the one between NRG and TSM, both rosters did not lose. Nevertheless, XSET was more efficient in some important rounds and therefore came out on top.

In the same way, Cloud 9 and Evil Genuises fought hard for the win. Although they were led on Icebox, the C9s kept their heads and came back to score, thanks to some great moves like the one from Xeta. In the end, they won the first mapand then won the next one by being decisive in defense.

The next match of this NA Challengers will take place on Friday 20th, and will pit FaZe Clan against Luminosity Gaming. To follow the matches in the NA region, go to the official website of Valorant.