GIANTS wins the VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier

This weekend marked the end of the VCT EMEA with the end of the Last Chance Qualifier. Against all expectations, the tournament was won by GIANTS after a series of upsets unprecedented for the team. The Spanish team thus qualifies for the Valorant Champions 2023. On the French side, however, disappointment was the order of the day.

GIANTS and NaVi qualify for the Valorant Champions

By winning the LCQ EMEA, the GIANTS created a surprise by beating all their opponents one by one without ever conceding a single map. They began by knocking out Karmine Corp and KOI, before facing and defeating NaVi, the tournament favourites.

Their form was uncharacteristic, given their rollercoaster ride in the VCT. After winning 5 games (largely thanks to the poor performances of the other teams) and losing 4, the GIANTS were eliminated in the first round of the Playoffs without managing to score a single map.

Despite this error on the road, NaVi still secured its place in the Valorant Champions. The team can thank Fnatic and its victory at the Tokyo Masters since it was she who opened up an extra place for Europe in the world championship. So all NaVi had to do was reach the final of the LCQ EMEA, not without coming through the loser bracket against KOI to secure her ticket to Los Angels.

The French teams

Despite qualifying for the LCQ, the team Vitality has decided to step aside following the death of Twisten. This left only Karmine Corp to represent France at the tournament.

Unfortunately, the Karmine Corp was eliminated in the second round and lost her last chance to take part in the Valorant Champions. It was the end of an extremely difficult season who seems to have put his players' nerves to the test.

The tournament got off to a good start for the French outfit. By defeating BBL EsportsAfter a disastrous season in the VCT regular season, the team is back to winning ways. But there were no miracles against GIANTS, then NaVi.

It's been a tough season for Karmine Corp, and internal strife seems to be heating up. The team captain, ScreaMmade a remarkable tweet after the team's elimination. His comments and the way he implied he was reconsidering his future with Valorant to join CS2 didn't go down too well with KCorp fans.

ScreaM has since apologised, but his future and the Karmine Corp roster for the 2024 season remain a mystery.